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  • soufauxgirl
    soufauxgirl Posts: 392 Member
    Wow my co-workers are now noticing I'm losing weight. One of them asked how I'm losing the weight. I know I'll be getting questions like this since I work in a very large company and see so many people daily. My easy to understand response for now is, I eat approximately 1500 calories a day of anything I like ( including pizza, rice, ice cream, snacks, salads, vegetables, bread, all meats, seafood etc and drink soda, juice, alcohol, water etc) and burn approximately 2000 calories a day walking. So that's a deficit of 500 calories daily and after 7 days that's 3500 calories which is equal to -1 lb. I think this is a straightforward response and if anyone wants to know more I can share details of the tools I use. :)

    Wow how long do you walk for?

  • Blackdawn_70631
    Blackdawn_70631 Posts: 283 Member
    But despite the challenges, I still managed 23.6 miles. Also went for a 7.7 mile walk with the children. I'm trying to build up to 12 miles - that's the distance between our house and the next nearest town - the children are resisting, despite promising to bring them back on the bus. They just need a little more persuading :) They'll come round to my way of thinking. Eventually! They have no choice . . .

    Children? As in kids? Attempting to have kids walk 12 miles?
    I know I'm misreading something. Can you calrify this last bit please?
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