What do you splurge on?

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whether it be money or calories.

Some people splurge on organic stuff, Alcohol, Chocolate cake. Kitchen gadgets or new clothes..

Ill give an example.

For greek yogurt i have to have one of the most expensive brands. It tastes the same...has same basic macros as cheaper...but the cheaper makes me sick. I also eat cheap dinners of mainly potatoes so i can afford to buy more expensive snacks. (and yummy parfait toppings :D )

I like pre porrtioned things that tend to be expensive, Like dessert puddings. Or dessert greek yogurt mini cups (ouch on expense) or larabars which are epensive but i love them.. But i find them worth the splurge!

I also consider fresh strawberries this time of year a splurge but i love them so i again eat cheaply wherever possible to buy a tub everytime i shop

Also like to splurge my leftover calories on alcohol (hello many others who also do this on weekends ;D )

Just wondering what things you guys splurge on and why its worth it to you.


  • JaydedMiss
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    ladyreva78 wrote: »
    Good chocolate and fresh berries (when in season) when my budget allows.

    Nothing like fresh berries as a snack. :drool:

    oooh good dark chocolate is one of mine to ill buy a nice more expensive quality bar and chop up a piece to add on top of my parfaits with a grahm cracker sometime. Make a chocolate mousse :D yumm
  • tinkerbellang83
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    Dark Chocolate and Protein Snacks are probably where I spend more money.
  • bpotts44
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    Money wise I just bought a nice grill...protein based snacks when I'm traveling.
  • MelanieCN77
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    Lately workout clothes :)
  • Woodspoon
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    High quality immensely dark chocolate 85%+ cacao and clothes because now I can wear things that look good :D
  • Jruzer
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    I splurge on the pre-cut and in juice cups of red grapefruit at Costco. I bought the fancy spoon to eat mine more easily but I always butcher it. I think I pay 14$ for 12... not that budget friendly when your kids and bf eat them 2 at a time lol
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    Occasionally I'll pay the ridiculous 3$ for ON Cake Bites too
  • ronjsteele1
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    Money wise - a gel manicure every two weeks. If my nails look nice, I can deal with anything. :D

    calories - coconut milk or cashew milk ice cream (I can't have dairy). It's 350 cals for a big helping but worth every bite of it to me (I don't do much sweet stuff otherwise). I only do this during spring/summer/fall. I don't really have a winter calorie splurge - YET. :D

    I don't have a food buying "splurge." We have a huge food budget because we choose to buy 80% organic, local, etc. We also have three teens so go through a lot of food! I may add one "splurge" if I can find it locally. I want to try sheeps yogurt because it's higher in protein then coconut milk yogurt, but I'm guessing it's very expensive for a small amount. :s If I can find it, that will be my one food splurge (at least to try it. If it's nasty - forget it!).
  • natruallycurious
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    I splurge on my gym membership/fitness related purchases (I bought 8 sessions with a personal trainer and started participating in 5k runs). And halo top ice cream (money wise...they are low in calories).
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    I don't even know if I have a splurge. I guess I haven't had really good thick porterhouse steak in a long long long time. *sigh* but that's a financial budget thing, not a calorie budget thing.

    I WILL be splurging on the undies I heard about right here in the forums: Thinx

    and I splurge on my gym membership
  • need2belean
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    Money wise: Monster sugar free energy drinks. I buy 5 every week for each day during work week. I have one every morning. It's in my routine. I won't by the offbrand rice cakes. They have to be quaker. I won't buy any other icecream but halo top which is usually 2 pints a week (goodbye money). I love fresh salmon. I won't buy the frozen stuff (12.99$ per lb) which is once a week. I only buy a pound if it's on sale or else I just get 8oz and make it last for two dinners. These are all things I buy every weekly grocery round. Oh, and I won't buy any other protein powder except 1st phorm which is about 55$ for a month long supply. Much more expensive than cheap brand options but blends much better.
  • nightengale7
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    Calories: ice cream and hamburgers

    Money: eating out and high quality produce
  • Tacklewasher
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    Dinner out every couple of weeks. The Keg is our go to as my wife has a lot of food issues but can eat there.

    And good craft beer is not a splurge, it's a necessity.