Any women supplementing meals with protein shakes??

I have found that I meet my protein for the day by replacing my breakfast with a protein shake.
1 scoop protein powder
1 tablespoon peanut butter
8 oz. unsweetened almond milk 30 calories



  • heiliskrimsli
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    I make smoothies when i need a really light meal. Depending on what kind of fruit or berries I'm putting in it, it's either PB2 or Muscle Pharm vanilla.
  • bunkahes
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    I am doing half a scoop with slimfast
  • ABballet4227
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    I put about two scoops protein powder into the big smoothies I make every day as my breakfast and lunch. As long as you are only replacing meals with shakes once a day or should be fine. Don't skimp out on your fruits and veggies though!
  • inertiastrength
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    I usually have a GNC lean shake @ 170 cals per serving which is higher than my powder but these are ready to drink and my bf gets a discount making them about 1$ each so I just have those.
  • livingleanlivingclean
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    I get 150g protein a day, and 15g of collagen in yoghurt is the extent of my protein supplementation. I much prefer eating food to drinking!
  • Shanel0916
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    @JaymeHayes14 I do this all the time especially since I workout in the mornings and I am not really a breakfast person never have been even before starting weight loss.
  • Running_and_Coffee
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    I like Quest and Optimum Whey. I get plenty of protein from my regular diet but like these brands for a snack--will mix half a scoop with fruit and egg whites and make "blender pancakes" from them for around 150 calories.
  • quiksylver296
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    No. I need real food to feel full. I use protein powder as an addition to my food (mixed into yogurt/oatmeal or made into pancakes, etc), or as a supplement drink if I'm low on protein for the day.
  • rolenthegreat
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    I'm not a big meat eater, I supplement with protein shakes, but as a snack not really as a meal.
    Usually it's just powder and almond milk. But when I am feeling fancy I throw in a banana or some Greek yogurt.
  • Matt_Wild
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    Protein is food, just the same as any food.

    As long as you are hitting your targets, be it chicken, shakes, eggs or whatever - it'll work.

    I prefer my clients to have egg whites as its a little more filling when dieting, and gives you something to masticate over which is one thing people when dieting down.
  • ekd23
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    I don't like eating breakfast, but I like to have something light in the morning so I don't feel ravenous by lunch. I drink a Premier Protein ready-made shake just about every morning. 30g of protein.
  • MessyApron
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    I keep collagen powder in my pantry and add a few scoops a day to smoothies, soups, waffle/pancake recipes, even to my iced coffee. It's an excellent source of nutritional protein, and keeping my protein macro to about 25% helps keep me from binging.
  • VintageFeline
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    I'm like others, I try to hit my goals with food if at all possible. In the earlier days when my calorie goal was higher I might have a shake with some fruit in, especially nice in the summer. But now, I have two sample bags and have barely touched them.
  • Christine_72
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    I have a smoothie everyday for lunch, have done for years.
  • lumenosis
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    Yup, breakfast. I have a protein meal replacement powder that I mix with frozen fruit and unsweetened coconut milk. Ends up being between 200-300 Cals. I looked really hard for a whey powder that was relatively well rounded nutrition wise and not full of crap. It should not be so hard to find clean(er) options. If it's something you're going to consume everyday it shouldn't be filled with words you can't pronounce (unless the words are the Latin names of plant/fruit extracts). My 2 cents
  • Psychgrrl
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    Weekdays, I have one in the morning on the way to work. Tasty, nutritious, saves me time and I can eat/drink my breakfast on the way to work without making a mess.
  • fitmom4lifemfp
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    I generally don't have a problem meeting my protein goal, but I really do like Syntha-6 Chocolate Peanut Butter or Optimum Nutrition (chocolate) protein powder mixed with skim milk, as an occasional change for breakfast. It's fast and easy - great for mornings where I have an early meeting.
  • AgidGirl
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    I have been loving the IdealShakes meal replacement powder. They are the tastiest shakes I've tried! I'll drink a shake on the weekends when I'm busy or at the end of the day as a dessert if I have calories left.
  • Mellonator81
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    Yup! I like to use 1 scoop chocolate Vega protein powder, 1 cup cold brewed coffee, ice and a few splashes of 1% milk.
    It gives me the protein I need and a caffeine boost, so win/win!
    Plus, adding the coffee greatly diminishes the 'powder' taste/consistency, making it enjoyable B)
  • jenilla1
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    When I'm low on protein and/or iron I do. But I don't mix my protein powder with calcium-rich liquids, like milk. My protein powder also supplements iron. Calcium blocks the absorption of iron, and I really need my iron. So I make sure I get my calcium in at different meals...(It's not milk based or calcium enriched protein powder so I don't have to worry about it.) :)