Porridge oats

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Anyone know why I have 60g oats on a menu equivalent to 216 calories, but on search food it says Tesco oats ✅ 60g = 114 calories????


  • I'm having the same problem.? Will try n find the answer
  • jvcjim
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    60g quaker rolled oats 225calories. one serving is 40g dry and 150calories. your tesco number is wrong.
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    Just LOL.

    I saw this earlier. Refraining from posting about nutrition since the obstacles of overcoming morose misguided nutritionists that become pedantic about misinformation whilst I become pedantic about my opinons ( notice my diplomatic approach towards using my opnions instead of 'factual biological systems'

    Anyway: labradors matter more than calories. Anyone who even WANTS to debate me on that can eat labradors.
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    i have had dog it is very lean and tough