Best sugar free or other low calorie drinks to replace soda at family functions?

So my son always wants a soda when we go to family's house. I don't mind him having some soda, but I'd prefer he not have it that often, especially since they usually want to give him a whole can. I am also looking for a drink that I can have as a treat now and then that is lower calorie/sugar instead of soda. I find that I crave a flavored drink, but although I like the taste of soda, I don't like the fizz later on. Diet is not worth it. I used to like Crystal Light, might try finding some of that. I don't like flavored waters very well, either.


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    One of my kids cannot have caffeine (it makes him crazy hyper), so whenever we're out/at someone's house he's allowed to have caffeine free soda (diet or regular), milk/chocolate milk or water.

    As for me-I drink diet soda, coffee/tea or just plain water.
  • aylajane
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    Get some of the Mio type drink mixers - can get caffeine free, made with stevia or sucralose etc whatever you like. Carry it with you and use that as a "treat" drink. Even Koolaid makes them now.
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    There's a low calorie Country Time strawberry lemonade they make now that's not bad. Not sure if you are a lemonade fan, but it's comparable to the sugar-y version. They make it in little "on the go" packets as well that you can mix up.

    If you like almond milk, there's always chocolate almond milk which is somewhat lower calorie. It's 40 calories per serving if you get the unsweetened variety (which is still pretty tasty).
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    chocolate milk.
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    rsclause wrote: »

    Well yes, we usually drink water, but it's nice to have a different choice for every so often treats
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    Poland Spring and Dasani both have recently come out with flavored sparkling water (not mineral water) with no sweeteners added. They are an acquired taste, but now they're my go-to when I want something more than plain water or coffee.

    I find the Sparkling ICE line particularly yummy, but they have a lot of artificial sweetener added--I always feel like I'm asking for gastro issues whenever I treat myself to one.
  • wellthenwhat
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    I really dislike sparkling water, although my 6 year old likes them.
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    I like a jack and coke at the end of the day and have been trying without success to replace the coke part.
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    I enjoy a nice glass of iced tea with some lemon...
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    Crystal Light Pure or True Lemon/True Lime -- They both have packets to add to water. It's like drinking Kool-aid, but with 10 or 15 calories instead (I believe they both have stevia and a little bit of sugar). True makes a black cherry limeade and a raspberry lemonade that my 11-year-old and I both love.
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    aylajane wrote: »
    Get some of the Mio type drink mixers - can get caffeine free, made with stevia or sucralose etc whatever you like. Carry it with you and use that as a "treat" drink. Even Koolaid makes them now.

    This is what we drink. I have some right now in fact. :) I especially like the Crystal Light Blackberry Lemonade. You can make it as weak or as strong as you like. They're also good for flavoring tea.

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    Iced tea just depends on how much sugar you use to sweeten it, or I just get water with lemon, basil or cucumber. It is pretty good after a while, and very occasionally I purchase a container of orange juice and now it lasts the full month as I don't indulge that often, and when I do I add a lot of ice (to dilute it sometimes it can be too sweet and make the portion smaller). Similarly I love this weird twist on lemonade, which is to make it and add cumin to it.
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    Nestle Splash. These are lightly flavored waters. They have a bit of fake sugar (Splenda) but not over the top sweet. Mandarin Orange is my favorite.

    Herbal teas make nice iced tea too. Bigelow Red Raspberry - yum!
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    I drink unsweetened tea and my dd will drink that sometimes too.

    Look up infused water.
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    For the kids, on special occasions, they get juice, pop, or diet pop. Depends what's available. I don't really mind any of them, out of the house.

    For me, I like flavoured water with actual fruit or cucumber in it, Coke Zero (which tastes better, imo, than other Diet drinks), or beer. Beer is not low calorie. ;)
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    We switched from soda to La Croix or other no calorie no aspartame drinks.
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    ZEVIA ZEVIA ZEVIA !!! It is a stevia based soda but they recently reformulated so they no longer add erytherol to it. I LOVE DR ZEVIA ! It tastes like Diet Dr Pepper. Their Mountain Zevia is okay but dont expect a Mt Dew taste. They also carry fruit flavors. Dr Zevia, Mt Zevia and their cola has caffeine. Best of all NO CARAMEL COLOR !!! They taste awesome and pour like water.
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    I get Clear American from Walmart they have different flavors and it's 0calories 0 caffeine 0 carbs and it has the fiz! I used this when I was trying to stop drinking soda. Normally I just drink water but it's nice when you want the fiz and water just won't cut it.