Running Newbie...Help.

Though I am currently getting over a painful case if the shin splints I have wanted to start running/jogging for a while now. In an effort to not embarrass myself completely I would appreciate some tips of advise as I try to get into it.

Currently I am fairly in shape though with little endurance and I have some running shoes. I even learned how to tie my ankle into them. Other than that I am unprepared.


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    My daughter suffers from shin splints. Have a strength training and a stretching routine to support your form.

    My daughter says shifting her stride, foot strike throughout her run helps keep the pain at bay.

    She also has custom shoe inserts.
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    What spiriteagle said.
  • Philtex
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    I have some running shoes. I even learned how to tie my ankle into them.

    That is a new one to me. Personally, I use Lock Laces. I have not tied a running shoe in years.
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    Where did you get your shoes? Were you fitted properly at a real running store? Sometimes things folks call shin splints can be fixed by getting the correct shoe for your gait.

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    Don't worry about pace or time. Pick a distance (I started at 1.2 mi) and run as much as you can, walk as much as you like. Add a bit of distance every 7-10 days. . . .
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    dewd2 wrote: »
    Where did you get your shoes? Were you fitted properly at a real running store? Sometimes things folks call shin splints can be fixed by getting the correct shoe for your gait.

    I did not get fitted but my shoes are at least better than converse. My shin splints have been helped by getting shoe inserts but won't be fixed by something like that. I want to a sports medicine doctor who than sent me to a physical therapist so pretty much I just wait.
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    Thanks for all the help I would have probably sprinted around the block and collapsed left to my own devises.
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    Lots of great advice. Do a C25K program and follow it so you don't do too much too soon. One thing I'll mention is that when running, make sure you're foot hits the pavement directly below your hips. If you overstride where your foot lands in front of your body, you will have knee problems.

    If you enjoy running, do invest in some running shoes and get fitted properly from a running store. There are things they can recommend that you wouldn't know to do. For example, I learned I need to buy running shoes 1 size up to accommodate for foot swelling/expansion. It's not really necessary for a 5K, but if you start doing longer distances like half marathons and marathons, you'll definitely want the most comfortable shoes possible for your feet. Also, don't worry about what brands others wear. The store will give you a few options to choose from that are best for YOUR feet.

    I'm not sure what yoy mean about tying your ankles in? Do you mean the lace locking technique?
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    Make sure you have some good shoes, get properly fit. A lot of my leg pain and feet pain went away when I got what was right for my feet and the way I run. Start with just a little at a time, work your way up. Join a running club for some support.

    I'm not sure what you mean by tying your ankles in but that sounds rough.
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    You tie your ankle in to your shoe? Why?
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    cmk5444 wrote: »
    STRETCH. Really. Learn those stretches if you don't know them already (the "sports medicine doctor" comment says you probably know more about this than I do!). For example, I would run and get lower back pain. Weird. But I stretch out my glutes and it eases the pain away. Stuff's all weirdly interconnected, but you know that already I expect. Oh, and avoid really long strides. Lots of little ones. Google around for that too. But you'll find what works for you and is most comfortable.

    Stretching before running is unnecessary. If you feel you must, make it dynamic stretching. Static stretching of cold muscle makes you more susceptible to injury. Never static stretch cold muscles. Warming up is a good idea, but stretching, not so much. I warm up by walking, then briskly walking, the slowly running, and so forth.

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    As a non-runner to C25K completion I dealth with TERRIBLE shin splints. 1. Get better shoes 2. do C25K 3. if you are on a treadmill set the incline at 0.5 or 1.0 to help 4. tape your shins, kt tape is best and cheap on amazon - youtube how to tape them - this was my lifesaver
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    Installing the app on my phone right now!
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    cmk5444: " I found with me, it is either speed OR distance, not both. But I'm an old fart, so there you go!"

    Not even close to being old!