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I'm 41, 5'-10", 210. Today I went to see a nutritionist. I've known her for a couple years (she came to me for my trade a few years back) but we never really "talked shop" about her work. Like most say to me, she said "you don't look like you need to lose weight. Even my mother has told me I "hide it well" even when I peaked at 235 4 years ago.

After that peak, I ate "less", I ate "better", and exercised. From May of 2013 to Dec I went from 235 to 190. Felt great (for my self) felt great getting the comments and compliments from friends. Never been a cocky guy, but looked in the mirror and thought "I look good". I was happy with what I saw.

Kids get older, they beg bigger, schedule gets busier, and with that, excuses for lack of time (and budget...for gym etc) get more abundant as well.

Well, here we are, 3 years after being happy with what I have, I'm back to 225. So, for new years, got my gym membership again. Went back to eating less and eating right. In my first 105 days of logging into MFP, I'm down 15 pounds and seeing development from the weight training. Last time, I would say I did a 60/40 cardio to weights. This time I would say it's more like 60/40 weights to cardio. (I live in CT and we got hammered with a late jump on running/hiking...should kick it up now)

Because of the weight training, I don't think I'll hit the 190 mark again. Prob 195-200...but less body fat. I'm at 27% now...the high edge of "average". My goal, for now, is to get under 20%. When I hit that I'll make a new goal.

Anyone on here that can give me support, ideas, etc would be great. If you're in CT and run, bike (road or MT) hike/backpack...I can use people to do that with as well.

well...thanks for listening to me ramble...



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    I used to go on a three or four month diet and lose 20 to 25 pounds just to turn around and gain it back plus five more. I used to tell myself "life sometimes gets in the way". Then in October of 2015 I had a fairly minor surgery and also my youngest daughter was born. At the physical before the surgery I clocked in at 324 pounds which is the heaviest I've ever been. I remember thinking at that point I can't be the dad who isn't active with his kids. I thought of all the times riding in the airplane was extremely uncomfortable. I thought of all the other times that I have to make arrangements because of my weight. I remembered we had built a house earlier that year and when they installed the attic ladder it was a sign on it that said no more than 275 pounds and I remember thinking I can't even go over my own attic.

    So with that being said that was my point where I said enough is enough. Since then I don't even consider myself on a diet I just do little things that add up to big changes. The most important thing I have had to do was make time for myself. I get up four mornings out of 7 and I work out which may consist of weights or cardio or both. When I come back I have a reasonable breakfast. I've pack a reasonable lunch and snacks and go to work. When I come home from work instead of plopping down on the couch and having a beer I'll roll around on the floor with my toddler or we go outside and play at least a few times a week. The point of it all is I've had to force this new Lifestyle on myself and I believe it is paid off. I'm 70 pounds down hoping to get around a hundred or 15% body fat whichever comes first. I'm currently at 19%. Didn't mean to ramble but your story sounds exactly like mine and I just wanted to share some thoughts I hope it helps. If you want to add me I can share more tips of what I've done that's helped me over the last 18 months.
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