Dodgy scales???

So, I have some fairly expensive bathroom scales, which I have had for 3 years +. Recently I have noticed that my weight fluctuates from minute to minute on them. Take this morning, I weighed in at 'x' weight only for 30 seconds later for me to step on and weigh 5lb lighter. After finding this a few times I have tried stepping on a third time, to find that the second weigh in seemed to be accurate. Which one do I believe??? I know common sense tells me to believe the second one, but I cannot fathom where the first weight comes from. Any ideas?
Or, do I just buy new scales!


  • TavistockToad
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    I stand on mine 3 times and take the average.

    You could try new batteries.
  • cejean1
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    I know if I pick my scale up or move it, it has to recalibrate before it will give me an accurate reading. What it tells me before recalibration is always 3-5 lbs off the final weight.
  • floridamike99
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    When I first saw the headline of your post, I thought it said "Doggy Scales" and I was thinking, man, these people are really getting kind of nutty! LOL

    Seriously, probably just the batteries.
  • SeikoMonster
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    I step on my cheap scale once before I make breakfast to "wake it up". Then after I have everything prepped and it cooking I weigh 3 times. If I don't get wildly different numbers I take the 2 that match.

    If I get inconstant numbers, or too high/too low from where it should be, I wait till tomorrow. I got tired of having good numbers set me up for disappointment the next day.
  • STEVE142142
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    Based on what you're saying are you weighing yourself on different scales to try to get an average. I have a technical background. scales readings and results will vary from scale to scale based on a lot of factors including calibration how they're manufactured the spring mechanisms in them Optical readers a whole bunch of factors

    Weigh yourself on one scale. weigh yourself once and just record that value. my suggestion to you is don't get fixated on a number. weight is a number that's going to vary from moment to moment you'll never weigh the same thing exactly during the day
  • Enjcg5
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    Same problem with my digital scale (i keep it under bathroom vanity and have to pull it out each time) I bought a cheap scale and that one is 5lbs lower than the digital so I don't even know.