Fitbit not syncing



  • kelly_c_77
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    fozzy711 wrote: »
    Same here. There must be a problem on the fitbit's end of things. I logged in and couldn't see my steps for today.

    I am 99% sure it is on mfp's side of things. My food was syncing over to fitbit but my steps were not syncing over to mfp.

    Same here.
  • jeffbroussard
    jeffbroussard Posts: 1 Member
    Same thing with me. Food synced from MFP to Fitbit but steps not synced to MFP.
  • jeepinshawn
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    When I had a fitbit this happened pretty frequently. I tried not to update either app ever if they were stable, thats the only way it seemed to stay working. Everytime I updated one app or the other they would stop syncing and it became a chore to get them working again. Don't have this problem with my garmin...
  • KirbySmith46
    KirbySmith46 Posts: 198 Member
    This is happening frequently with my Fitbit and mfp. Getting tired of resetting everything.
  • johnsallyb2015
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    I followed the guidance to log off and then back on again and it hasn't worked. Mine also stopped syncing steps yesterday so it must be a bug presumably on mfp as Fitbit working ok.
  • sazbo2014
    sazbo2014 Posts: 4 Member
    Mine is doing the same thing. I have tried the disconnect, reconnect 3 times now. I've even deleted and re installed the app and nothing I do will make mfp recognise any steps I do. My food syncs to fitbit fine, so it must be a mfp issue. :(
  • Kayleighpaul1985
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    I am having the same issue!! So frustrating!! X
  • happyeggplant
    happyeggplant Posts: 1 Member
    Just started with MFP and fitbit last week, I must say this not syncing issue is pretty discouraging! yesterday I reset the link between the two apps and it worked again but I don't really want to do that every day? Ugh
  • Wolfy999
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    Sure not switching to premium if this is an on going problem. Will wait and see.
  • kelly_c_77
    kelly_c_77 Posts: 5,658 Member
    Mine is syncing now! :)