Need to be accurate to maintain?

In losing weight I try to be more accurate without any tools like food scale and others, I use simple strategies like overestimating, and eye balling portions and on that tricks I'm seeing a good what im expecting results :) I'm moving on to maintenance should i still be corporated to be accurate always like in losing weight? Thanks


  • TimothyFish
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    I did what you did to lose weight. For maintenance, I am even less accurate. I don't log calories eaten, though I sometimes keep a tally in my head. The only thing I am religious about is my weekly weigh in. I use that to tell me whether I need to eat less or more.
  • sijomial
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    I wasn't particularly accurate when losing weight, only weighed high calorie density items for example.

    May be worthwhile continuing with your current level of accuracy while you pin down your maintenance calories then have a think about what level of detail is sustainable or desirable for you long term. Changing one thing at a time (your calorie allowance) gives more clarity.

    I don't log food at all now, I'm just vaguely calorie aware and make sensible choices while monitoring my body weight. If I ever need or want to log I can always go back to it.
  • NorthCascades
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    I feel like entering all of my food (and exercise) was a good way to get started. It was a learning experience. What should portion sizes look like? Wow, this is like a home budget, except I'm not going to run out of money and not pay my electric bill and sit in the dark, I'm going to run out of calories and be hungry. What kind of foods are most filling? How will a pint of iced cream affect what I can eat for the rest of the day (if I'm determined to stick to my goal)?

    I've been able to lose weight and to maintain that loss without counting, but I've kept all of these lessons in mind.
  • noorandjenna1
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    To maintain, I eat when I am hungry or lacking energy, not for boredom. Whether it's snacking or proper meals. i am less accurate than when I was losing weight and I have maintained for 6 months. Even if I eat more one day, it all equals out during the week.
  • sgt1372
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    I think that accuracy matters but I'm just wired that way. ;)
  • krazy1sbk
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    I put my calorie goal lower than it needs to be because I know I'm not weighing everything or measuring as accurately as I should.
  • nowine4me
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    I'd keep doing what you're doing with a tiny handful more calories. But I would suggest a weekly weigh in to make sure it's working.