PB2 peanut butter

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I'm looking to purchase PBfit powdered peanut butter, I was wondering if you recommended the plain peanut flavour, or the chocolate peanut flavour? Thanks :)

Oh, and also how do u incorporate it into your diet? I've heard it's good in shakes.


  • amandaeve
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    I eat it all the time. I've never tried the chocolate.
    The texture is weird, so I tend to use it as an ingredient or just mix some in my oatmeal. Here is what I ate today:
  • 7lenny7
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    Powdered peanut butter makes a great, low cal, Thai peanut sauce for Thai chicken wraps or Thai chicken pizza.
  • wenrob
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    I prefer PBfit over PB2. The chocolate in either really doesn't have much of a chocolate flavor IMO but I still like it. I add to protein shakes, oatmeal and yogurt. Sometimes I mix with a little almond milk and powdered sugar to make a syrup for pancakes. If you mix it straight into yogurt and add a half serving of mini chocolate chips it's like eating cookie dough. I don't use it as peanut butter, I'll make room for the real thing.
  • strshllw84
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    I prefer the PBfit it had a better taste to it.
  • nowine4me
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    They sell it right at Publix. Make a batch up and schmear it on Ezekiel toast for breakfast, use some dolloped on an Apple for a snack, mixed in to a protein skate. Or just mix and eat on a PBJ. Good stuff, avoid the flavors and stick wit the real deal.
  • PaulaSchlotterbeck
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    For powdered peanut butter, I REALLY like Naked PB. It is fantastic in steel cut oats. Here's a link to info about it, in case you're interested: https://nkdnutrition.com/products/powdered-peanut-butter
  • WickAndArtoo
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    I have mixed mine in smoothies, pancake batter (yum!!!), and my granola to make the milk pb flavored :smiley: so far I LOVE IT. I can't wait to try the stir fry ideas others have mentioned.
  • crystalewhite
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    I mix the plain one with my chocolate protein powder and almond milk. Also in brownies:
  • MotherOfSharpei
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    The chocolate in the "chocolate" PB2 isn't even strong enough for me to taste. After first trying it, I just use the regular and add chocolate protein powder to cocoa to it.
  • MTgal477
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    I like the original flavor, haven't tried chocolate though.....
    I put it on my protein pancakes mostly and sometimes I'll add it to a smoothie or dunk a banana in it :smile:
  • Meganthedogmom
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    I've tried regular PB2 and it was absolutely awful. Tried it in protein shakes, smoothies, and yogurt. All were disgusting and had to be thrown out. :(
  • fitmek
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    I love the original PB2....I bought the chocolate once and ended up having to throw it out because I didn't use it in time. I just use Hershey's coco (unsweetened) with the PB2 if I want a chocolate taste. I also like throwing chopped strawberries in my protein shakes and oatmeal with a scoop of PB2 as well.
  • ItsSlimpossible12
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    The original PB2 is the best. I use it everyday in my smoothie/shake. And Groupon sells it in a pack of 6 that lasts me forever and I don't have to worry about running out.
  • cross2bear
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    I use PB2 Hazelnut flavour on toast, just like I would peanut butter because I have to have peanut butter to live but it has a lot of calories for a very small portion. PB2 is an acceptable substitute for me. It certainly has cut my cravings for PB.
  • TR0berts
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    In addition to the above, it's good for PB flavoring in baked goods. Of course, you need to make sure you have enough fat/moisture in the batter, as you won't get it from "real" PB - but it's good as a replacement or cocoa, if you'd rather have PB-flavor, as opposed to chocolatey. Or, for that matter, only partially replace the cocoa with PB2, so you get some of both flavors.
  • extra_medium
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    the chocolate just tastes like chocolate though - it doesn't taste much like peanut butter at all to me.
  • fitzmonkey13
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    I've only been able to find PB&Me locally. I bought the "natural" kind that is only peanuts. I use real peanut butter on my toast, but I use the powder for lots of things - You can replace some of the flour in baked goods with it and it's awesome.

    My favourite afternoon snack is currently a half-cup plain greek yogurt with 1 tbsp PB&Me and 1 tsp honey, then I dip apple slices in it. So yummy!

    I also mix a tbsp of it with a little bit of peanut oil and salt and drizzle it over popcorn. I'm a bit obsessed with my Peanut Butter Popcorn.
  • VlpW
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    I like the PB Fit much better than any other brand I have gotten. OMG, that stuff is life! I put it in oatmeal all the time and use it in mug cakes a lot too. Must try the peanut butter popcorn!
  • Evamutt
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    I've never tried it, I use regular PB, does it have same amount of protein as regular PB?