Am I the only one who can't lose weight?!



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    I am assuming you may have done weight watchers in the past as they said you could eat all the fruits and veggies you wanted and have zero points. Well although I am sure most of us didn't get overweight on fruits and veggies to begin with they certainly count calorie wise and if you eat any food in excess of your calorie deficit you will gain. Fruits and veggies are very nutritious - you should be eating them. AS everyone has said ensure you weigh and count everything that goes in your mouth . If you are 100 pounds overweight I cant see why you would only eat 1200 calories a day

    I did WW years ago, and that was not a rule when I did it. That was a different version. Just wanted to comment that WW has had many different plans over the years. :)

    I only brought up WW as I did it years ago and that was a rule . Some people still believe it
    Yes I agree I think that's how it comes into play on here often times...

    I remember that and I wasn't even in WW... all the fruit and veggies you could eat and more and not count any of it. I think what happens is those ppl joined and learned that method while it was being taught at WW. Perhaps left WW and came back and figured the rules were the same. Or never went back and started the WW approach and figured fruit and veggies don't need to be counted... because? MAGIC!

    I have never understood that rule.. probably because it doesn't make any sense. :laugh: The only thing that comes to mind is selling that mind set to make more $$$$$ for the company. When ppl don't lose weight by counting all the food they remain paying overweight members longer?!
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    @hearts_2015 I'm thinking you mucked on who you are responding to. @jaydedmiss knows her *kitten*. I think it's @jasmindiver22 you are responding to.

    Did I catch them all? :wink: I think so...or was it just that one?
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    You NEED to log and measure EVERYTHING. Not logging and saying you can just eat what you want because it's a "healthier" food is stupid. They have calories too and they add up.
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    @jasminediver22 I'm sitting here near the end of my work day having a grand total of 1,543 steps. I know I've got to do something when I get home, but I've been feeling off all week so my step count has sucked.

    But if I want to eat like I want to eat (~2,000 cals) and lose weight then I know I need to get off my *kitten* and walk the dogs, or do something.

    Even just going for a walk will add to your calorie burn and give you some leeway. I started walking @ 330 lbs last September. Just on a treadmill I already owned from my last weight loss go around. Then I started jogging for a minute. January I was ~275 and started the C25K program. I'm now 245. I'm now considering joining a gym to work on weightlifting, but I'm well on my weight loss journey and there was no way in hell I was going to consider it at 300+.

    Start with the scale. Go for a walk. Don't torture yourself and know that, even if it comes across as snark, or judgemental or whatever, most here are rooting for you, want to help and want to see you succeed.
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    @Tacklewasher wow that's awesome! Good for you that's amazing. Defintly inspired by your story. If you can do it so can I. Ive reached my heaviest weight at 278. My goal is 200 right now, then see how I feel after that. I don't have a specific weight I want to reach after that, or a specific size. I just want to be physically comfortable and happy with myself. I will defintly start out walking. That's simple enough. I think later on once I lose a significant amount of weight I'll start strength training. I don't want to start right away because I want to get the whole food thing down first and controlling myself. I'll defintly keep coming here for advise.
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    @Hearts_2015 thanks! I feel so confused on what the heck to do now. Lol. I believe I'm having so much issues because I'm "not weighing foods" condiments or anything, and I'm not active due to a desk job. And average about 3k steps a day if I'm lucky. Not sure what type of exercise I could do with having to lose over 100 pounds. Going to a gym is defintly NOT an option because I'll be judged. So I'd prefer to do at home videos. Possibly P90X. Not sure.

    Once you get your intake sorted out, you should be able to start seeing some losses even if you don't exercise, so I wouldn't stress out too much about that just yet. Focus on learning how to log correctly -- and BTW, nobody started off knowing how to do this! I know it seems like everyone is yelling at you to do this one thing, but just about everyone who recommends a food scale is doing it because a scale made a difference for them. I freaking lurve my scale now, because it took so much of the stress out of the equation for me. It doesn't matter if you're eating "bad" or "good" foods; you just need to stay within your calorie budget and you'll lose weight.

    Having just said that you don't need to exercise, though...could you start by adding 1,000 steps a day? You don't need to do a whole ton of exercise or start going to a gym. Just a 10-15 minute walk every day.

    Great Post! I love love love using my scale, I find it fun, I love the tare feature and adding things to my salad and building meals with it etc.

    It's all a game and it's fun to play. Yea I know crazy but I know I'm not the only one that loves to use the scale here! :D I feel great freedom using it especially when it results in loose clothing!

    I agree learning portion sizes, what foods you enjoy what foods you might need to moderate for a bit (individual needs vary) that keeps a person plenty busy at the start. It's keeping under your goals each day and I don't mean WAY under but meeting your goals by not going over them.
    After you feel more comfy at that if you want to add in a short walk at lunch or when you join the YMCA and go for a swim in the pool before or after work... Yes..I said it! B):p
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    Hey, there! I think a lot of folks have covered the points about getting a food scale and weighing accurately very well. TBH, I used to think that advice was nuts, but I swear by it, even when building protein shakes. I store the different shakes as meals so if I decide to use them again, I can easily edit the gram weight of the protein powder, PB2, fruit and other components as necessary.

    I understand about the desk job, and wanted to know if your place of employment would allow you to have a small piece of equipment, such as an under-desk cycle to keep you moving a little bit? These are like tiny bicycles that you can casually pedal on while working at your desk. Here's a cheaper one from Amazon that has a little activity monitor on it:

    I used this quite a bit when I worked out of my home. I also packed a pair of 2 lb. dumbbells in my bag to get in a little upper body movement, and keep me from being drowsy midday. I get to work from home a little more now, but these items were beneficial. I also think they helped sway the decision to allow me to telecommute more. The last piece of equipment I started bringing in was a 25-lb grip plate :D:D:D

    Humor aside, check to see if your employer has a health incentive program set up. They may be willing to help foot the bill for one of these items, or even a FitDesk <3
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    Also to note about keto... you can kind of eat as much as you want. It doesn't feel restrictive as you can eat as much meat, nuts, eggs, and other things as you want. But because your body is in ketosis and you're eating high satiety foods, you feel like eating less. If you want... take 4 weeks of trying it... and start with 120g/day of carbs and then reduce by 10g each week until you get to 50g/day or so. Don't feel pressured to be perfect, I cheated a lot in my first month but I was honest about it in tracking my food in MFP.

    If you want, send me a friend invite and you can look at my journal and see what I eat - have lots of recipes saved too.

    People respond differently to different macros though. I have much better satiety levels with a higher carb woe. Fat does nothing for me and I could easily eat way over my maintenance calories eating a low carb woe. Nuts are really calorie dense for the amount you get-if I'm not measuring out portion sizes I can easily pack away 500 calories or more in cashews or walnuts at a time, without even realizing it. And lets not even talk about bacon :#

    NO kidding. I could eat a pound of bacon without even trying. "Eat all you want" is bunk.
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    @Enjcg5 I literally have calculated my macros, and my height weight age blah blah blah. I've done all that. It says typically 1400 calories for weight loss but I went down to 1200 to see if I can see the scale go down... not yet. Maybe once I get the scale I ordered I'll notice a difference.

    :smiley: egad I'm messing up on this thread! I glanced up and see you've got a scale ordered... cool, I'm excited, which one? Um, or maybe I should backtrack and read the thread in case you already shared that part too? :blush: Hopefully you ordered the one I want and should be using! :laugh:
    @hearts_2015 I'm thinking you mucked on who you are responding to. @jaydedmiss knows her *kitten*. I think it's @jasmindiver22 you are responding to.
    @Tacklewasher ugh! You are correct, I grabbed the wrong user name, thanks for catching that and also huge apologies to @jaydedmiss :blush:

    alrightly then.. 3rd times a charm

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    I also can't lose weight. When I was overweight and an accurate logger with better self-control I could. Now I'm just crap.

    But yeah. You ordered your food scale. You're on your way!
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    On the flip side, if you feel your calorie in is very low, increase your calorie out by walking every day. It gives you a lot more leeway to eat what you enjoy eating.
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    To anyone saying get a food scale, I already ordered one and never thought or heard of that until you guys. Soooo the arguing can stop about it :) I'll take everyone's advise. Defintly didn't realize I was doing a *kitten* job and trying to lose weight. I for sure thought that if you totally cut all BAD foods that are bad for the heart you could lose weight if you ate strictly healthy. Which I thought I was doing. But obviously not measuring right. I'm new to this weight loss things so I'm not gonna be perfect. Everyone takes different strides, and learns as we go. So I guess this is a lesson learned and I'll start issuing a scale.

    I was in the same camp as you.I thought as long as I ate healthy I would lose too,because thats what was all over tv,magazines,etc. I did lose weight eating healthy for awhile,but then I started gaining weight back. I came here to mfp and I learned that I had to weight all my foods(measuring cups werent adequate). once I did that I started losing weight yeah,even eating too many healthy foods can cause weight gain. lots of overweight vegans and vegetarians here to lose weight.

    Are you me? I got to my highest weight ever trying to eat the healthiest way I could!

    OP, I'm one of those vegetarians who are here who's lost weight. I actually loosened up my diet and added some treat type foods during the process of losing weight compared to how I ate when I was 210 pounds! Sugar never passed my lips then. The only carbs I ever had back then were beans. No potatoes. No grains.

    No more of that nonsense is happening in my life. Potatoes are good. So is oatmeal.

    I still eat an overwhelmingly healthy diet because I like veggies and find them to be filling. My favorite food in the world is cottage cheese. I'm not exactly a junk food junky. Unless you put caramel corn near me :p

    I just needed to learn proper portions of things like olive oil and yes, my beloved cottage cheese. And things like how many calories my short old body needed to reach a certain weight.

    I also became more active, because that helps burn more calories. I started out with walking, but I've also managed to sneak in a lot of purposeful movement throughout the day by being inefficient in my daily life. Walking instead of sitting during phone calls, while something is heating in the microwave or on the stove, putting laundry away one piece at a time, carrying groceries in one bag at a time, parking at the far end of the parking lot... you get the drift.

    Think of little things you can do to increase your step count along with with weighing your food and that weight will start flying off!
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    @MomReborn yes! My work actually has a very nice gym downstairs. I honestly should do that on my 1 hour lunch. That would be the smart idea lol. That way I don't have to do it in the mornings or after work. That would be totally convenient . I just found out we had a gym at work! I think once I get my scale and actually be more precise on everything I eat, and start getting some work outs in, I'll be good! But I'm defintly coming into the MFP when I need advice. You guys all rock!!

    I just wanted to say that it's so great to see someone taking on board the advice they've been given rather than thinking everyone is just out to get them and flouncing off... we see that quite a bit, so your attitude is commendable and I want to congratulate you on it! :)

    I really do think that once you get your scale and you start weighing and logging accurately (don't forget that finding correct entries in the MFP database is a big part of that too) then you'll start to see some changes. And as others have said, just getting in a few extra steps each day will help... park a little further away, take the stairs if you can manage them, walk over to talk to someone instead of emailing them, go for a 15-minute walk at lunchtime... it all adds up! I'm very sedentary - I've been unemployed for a long time so I have all the time in the world to exercise, but feeling somewhat depressed doesn't inspire me to get up and move so I do very little. I'm lucky to get 3,000 steps a day. But I watch my calories and I'm still losing.

    You'll need patience, and you'll need to trust the process - especially when the scale isn't cooperating! - but it does work and you can do it! Definitely come back and ask if you need help with anything, don't be afraid of sounding silly. We all had to learn somewhere. :)
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    @MomReborn yes! My work actually has a very nice gym downstairs. I honestly should do that on my 1 hour lunch. That would be the smart idea lol. That way I don't have to do it in the mornings or after work. That would be totally convenient . I just found out we had a gym at work! I think once I get my scale and actually be more precise on everything I eat, and start getting some work outs in, I'll be good! But I'm defintly coming into the MFP when I need advice. You guys all rock!!

    OP, it sounds like you've got some great ideas already! My suggestion would be to play around with recipes and macros to find which proportions are most filling/satisfying at lower calorie levels. You can do this! :D
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    Exercise is just as important as diet. Just speaking from what I've learned in college, you could have other issues keeping you from losing weight. Hormones off-balance, thyroid issues. Hopefully not, but thought I'd mention it.
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    I weigh/measure everything, including fruit & veggies. Some have more calories than I thought, like I weighed an orange & was surprised to find it had 80 calories & some veggies are higher than others, like carrots so weigh/measure everything
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    You've gotten some great advice. These guys know their stuff!
    I don't have anything to add except GOOD LUCK!