Preparing for Bariatric surgery (pre wgt loss struggles)

I am getting ready to enter final stage to upcoming bariatric surgery. And due to speak with my surgeon. I have been doing awesome on my weight loss up to the last 2 weeks. I was down 13 lbs. But my nutritionist is telling me to prepare and eat my meals as if I already had my surgery. I am to eat all proteins first. But its been difficult to do all proteins, and lose. I have gained 7 lbs back in just 2 wks. Why are proteins causing me to gain? Im supposed to try and stick with a 1600 calorie diet. And Im not getting in all my calories even. And still gaining. Im at a loss as to what direction to go now.


  • jgnatca
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    Is it a pound or two? Then don't sweat it.

    Try weighing your meals.

    My meals post surgery are about 3/4 the size of a regular portion. Try shaving down the protein portion.

    I could not eat soft breads for the longest time and even now I must toast my bread. So skip the bread altogether.
  • Theo166
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    It's unlikely you lost 13 lbs of fat in your first two weeks.
    It's likely your water weight dropped and then bounced back when you changed your diet again.

    Would suggest you focus on weighing and logging everything you eat, and reducing your salt levels
  • Miss_Hattie
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    Are you weighing and measuring your portions and writing it down on paper? If not, you may be eating more than you think. I was told that by increasing your protein, you are more likely to lose fat rather than muscle. That will maybe help you lose faster and and help you feel better. Are you moving? Even walking will help you burn more calories.