Workout clothes



  • kindrabbit
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    For me, decent leggings are important. I don't want to be the woman in the gym with the sweaty crotch! That, and a decent bra, are worth spending the extra money. If you run or lift seriously it's worth spending on training shoes too.

  • LazyButHealthy
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    Sports Direct all the way for outerwear - racer-back vests for a fiver; leggings from puma or addidas for <20 quid.

    Bras always from Marks & Spencer's, especially the zip-front ones.

  • kaizaku
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    I don't buy expensive clothes, matching brand clothes for the gym, not because I'm cheap. It's a waste of money. Plain with no brands is good enough. I wear a 3/4 shorts since I like it bit baggy. Don't really like skin tight makes me uncomfortable. I do have a t-shirt and a jacket. If I could, would have uploaded to show you.
  • ja20102004
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    I usually just use sweat pants or shorts and a old tank top. I am at home anyway. Not impressing anyone.
  • JeromeBarry1
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    Workout clothes seem to be the last priority of mine. I just cinch the drawstring tighter and keep wearing the XL stuff. When I began mowing my grass earlier this year, I came across a piece of litter behind my house. It was a pair of stylish sweatpants, size M. I rescued them from the roadside and washed them and use them now.
  • MissMaggieMuffin
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    I definitely invest :smiley: in my workout clothes, particularly shoes, sports bras, socks and bathing suits. Involved in a variety of sports/activities, so have clothes specific to each sport and a range of weather conditions. Having said that, the gear has been accumulated over years and lasts forever. Only exceptions to that are running shoes and bathing suits which are replaced much more frequently.
  • coreyreichle
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    I cheap out on most everything, other than shoes. Cheap running shoes will shut down training faster than anything else.

    But, that's one reason I like running: All you need is a pair of shoes, really. Everything else is just a "nice to have".
  • strebor337
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    My one remark would be that you shouldn't let the cost of workout clothes dissuade you from doing it. You could drop $1000 on high end gear for whatever you want to do,but you don't have to have that stuff to do it. You can work out buck naked and get just as much burn (maybe a little more) as you would wearing anything else.
  • dutchandkiwi
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    I have a mix of cheap/midrange and toprange workout clothes - I spend significantly more on it than day to day clothes, but that is main as I make quite a bit of my own clothes.

    My idea is and is always - stock up on chep where you can - the day to day stuff- and buy quality where you have to Shoes and sports bra's for instance, but these days I also buy branded clothes for some items. Often they do perform better, but not always. However they are usually a lot nicer to wear and look at than the cheap stuff.
    I love sales stuff and recently bought nice Nike stuff at a massive discount and wear it a lot.
  • KassLea22
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    I spend the same amount on workout clothes that I do on my regular clothes. I work out five days a week, so I found that spending more actually saves me in the long run because I'm not constantly replacing things that wear out or shrink. I mostly work out and stuff from Under Armor, Nike, Reebok, Athleta, and Fabletics. I would say Under Armor is my favorite of those.
  • jennypapage
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    Well, when i first started running, i didn't know if i could do it,if i would like it and continue on,or give up, so i only bought running shoes from an outlet store.They worked great for me,so then i bought another pair. (didn't even buy sports bras). After i decided i liked running,i bought a couple of sports bras, but still resisted buying special clothes (my god,the prices!).
    When winter came, i started buying one shirt here,a pair of leggings there (when i saw them at lidl,or other normal stores)and that worked great too.And i kept adding in my collection (always the cheaper ones,i can't afford to spend 50euro on a pair of leggings).
    It's been almost a year since i started running,and i've come to realize that yes,they do make a difference,but i won't buy A brands because even their discount prices are too expensive. I'm not an athlete,i do this for fun, and i just can't afford such pricey pieces of clothing. So when i see the nike running t-shirts at 35 euro, i'll go for the unknown brand at 19 euro, because i've already tested them and i like them.Shoes though.... only nikes (just the cheaper models).
  • DasItMan91
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    I normally buy cheap to mid range workout clothes, occasionally I'll buy something that's relatively expensive.
  • janjunie
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    I don't like to spend a lot of money on workout clothes unless it's jackets or shoes. Most of my workout clothes come from Old Navy or this really awesome consignment store where I can get really great condition nike shirts and pants for well under $10 and Lululemon clothing for =/- $30.
  • Ironandwine69
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    I buy expensive bras and shoes. Besides that, I buy cheap workout clothes. Gym is not the place for fashion shows. By my girls and feet need good support
  • Slaci_Jo
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    Good Shoes are worth the investment. I can't even begin to explain how much my running has improved since I bought the right shoes. I don't get shin splints any more or any pain in my ankles.

    I have bought some nice workout clothes from TJ Maxx. But I also make my own as well. Jo Ann Fabrics has some really nice activewear fabrics and patterns. The fabric itself if tricky to sew, its been a lot of trial and error. But i am getting better and have made some quality and cute pieces recently.
  • daj150
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    Budget for workout clothes? I know not of what you speak. But seriously, I do end up spending more on workout clothes than day-to-day clothes. However, like others, I buy only when stuff is on sale. When I first started, since I had no clue what to buy, I did buy stuff full price. But I have learned since then. Some brands charge a lot and suck. I have found, personally, the Old Navy stuff is really good..and I LOVE UA compression gear.
  • twistedingenue
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    I spend the most on bras (panache, how I love thee) and shoes. I won't skimp there. I get most of my activewear at Clothes Mentor, which is how I have a few pieces from lululemon that I really love. I'd rather buy used if I can.

    However, I do buy new if I need something ASAP and can't find it used. Hence why I have underarmour shorts coming in the mail tomorrow! But generally old navy or the sale racks at Dick's.

  • Sp1tfire
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    It's gross to some, but I go to womens second hand stores to buy things like shorts and tanks. I was them well so I don't care. Like you said it gets gross anyway! I would rarely drop more than 10$ on a tank or shorts. Sports bras on the other hand I will spend a little more. VS sports bras work well for me and are around 15$ a piece. Super cute too as a bonus and go on sale a lot!
  • DancingMoosie
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    I find great workout clothes for cheap at Walmart-- danskinnow mostly. I also like old navy. If you get an old Navy visa, you can collect points to buy clothes, so I get them really cheap, sometimes about $.25 -$2.00 a piece out of pocket. My running shoes, I'm kinda stuck on mizuno, but I can find last year's model for half price online.