Am new n trying to gain weight

Am 4"11 and only 94 pounds am trying to get more wat should I do and how I start


  • nichell88
    nichell88 Posts: 364 Member
    There's actually a forum for people looking to gain weight that probably has some super helpful tips and tricks. I'd check there first
  • ejsilvi
    ejsilvi Posts: 205 Member
    Do u lift weights? If so what kinda of workout do u do ? What body parts how many sets ? What r u eating?
  • madelinerios0506
    madelinerios0506 Posts: 2 Member
    I work in a office so no workout at all n I eat everything but it seen like no weight
  • nitesky83
    nitesky83 Posts: 49 Member
    Seems like an okay weight for your height. Maybe focus on building muscle since you dont work out at all.
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