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I did carol vordermans detox diet, without any excersize, didn't think it was really going to work, but ended up losing 11lbs. Then my birthday came. Went over board and put some of the weight back on. Now I just can't seem to get back into the flow. I'm eating healthy but my misdemeanour is I have to have desert after dinner and it has to be really sweet and crunchy. I generally end up eating Granola. It's so moreish and boom a whole box of cereal gone.

Need help with what food I can eat that it's a lot of calories and low in carbs and also good excersizes for cardio, I get bored of running on the treadmill and give up after 10 mins.

Someone help and add me!!!!!


  • buckleten
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    Hi, one thing I find helps (as a granola addict!) is to measure out a portion, then mix it in to some fat free greek yogurt. It doesn't add much in the way of calories but makes a much larger and more filling dessert, and you can add in some fresh raspberries or blueberries too if you wish! As for the treadmill, I have an app on my ipad called runsocial where you can run virtual trails from the London marathon to the Scottish highlands, helps with the boredom! :-)
  • melaniedscott
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    You can eat anything you like...just make it fit into your calories. Want granola, eat it. But measure it (weigh!) and don't go overboard. Save some calories over the day for the things you love.

    As for being bored with cardio...try some videos? A lot of people like the Jillian Michaels line (never done them, personally), I like one with Ana Caban that is a 15 minute pilates (it kinda kicks my butt when I do it...but I'm a wimp). Or walk/run outside. It sounds weird, but I like walking in graveyards...they usually have decent pavement and there is a lot of interesting history. And sometimes, people together that make for funny images (one cemetery near me has a grave for someone with the name Hoard just in front of a Castle. Don't know where you the states (and maybe other places), if you are a member of a gym, see about Les Mills classes...they're pretty intense. Or check with your local Parks and Recreation Department...they frequently have classes, too.