Can anyone suggest a way I can increase the amount of protein in my diet without having too much fat? Today I've had chicken at lunch time and will have a turkey bolognaise for my evening meal. Breakfast was toast with peanut butter and banana. I have around 200 calories left to play with. Also generally, what do people eat as sources of protein?


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    I get very little fat with my biggest sources of protein.... Chicken breast, white Fish, low fat dairy, egg whites (I use 1-2 whole eggs because I find just whites revolting), kangaroo, lean steak, some protein powder.

    Nuts aren't a protein source...
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    I eat chicken, Tuna, pork is very lean, egg whites. If you like peanut butter, i use the Jif Whips, they have less fat. Of course you can always have protein powder which will typically have very little carbs and fat and about 24-26g of protein.
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    Chicken, salmon, greek yogurt, sometimes whey protein.
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    Meat -- much of it is quite lean, like shrimp, clams, most fish (even fatty fish like salmon isn't that high fat), turkey breast, chicken breast (I like to cook whole chickens, though, so get some fat with my chicken), pork loin and pork chops, various lean cuts of beef, venison). Also low fat dairy, and to some extent legumes.

    I also eat eggs, but generally whole, so they are a bit higher fat.

    There's enough protein to add significantly to the day's total in many green vegetables, whole grains, and of course nuts and seeds, but to me none of those have enough to be considered the primary source for a meal. (If I were vegan I'd probably feel differently and would arrange my meals differently, of course.)

    If you aren't getting sufficient protein -- and your goal makes sense, of course -- usually the issue is either getting very little at one or more meals or portion sizes (or more rarely choosing higher fat sources of protein).

    Also, you may not need to worry about total fat -- the MFP goals are a nice default, but macros are really more about personal preference for the most part. But getting enough protein to best maintain muscle on a deficit is important when losing weight, I think, especially since it often helps with satiety.
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    deli chicken & turkey are about 60 calories for 8g protein and pretty low in fat
    egg whites have a lot of protein for little fat and calories
    Chobani Simply 100 Crunch bowls have 10g protein and only a couple grams of fat. They are shockingly low in sugar too for a prepared, flavored yogurt.
    Protein powder
    Chia seeds have some protein and some fiber and are great added to yogurt and oatmeal
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    Thank you so much everyone. Plenty of ideas for me to look at over the weekend.
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    chicken, egg whites, some protein powders
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    meats, nuts, seeds, protein powders, and dairy.

    protein shakes sometimes get too boring for me so i'll put the powder in my yogurt or oatmeal.

    i have this chocolate pb flavor and i found out that i can make a paste out of it, just like how you make pb2! (mix with water)
    i can make it as thick as i want it and it tastes like chocolate peanut butter, which helps with any of my cravings or being used as a frosting.
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    I eat fat free Greek yogurt for breakfast, light and fit. I eat either tuna egg salad, turkey, or a chicken Caesar salad for lunch and I often add shrimp to the salad. Dinner I have lean meat with a veggie. I drink an Atkins shake with breakfast, a premier shake with dinner, and two scoops of whey throughout the day.
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    Looking over my diary for today, I see protein from all kinds of sources. Dairy, veggie, fruit, bread, peanut butter and PB2. I even had 3 slices of bacon.
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    Be careful with peanut butter as even the lowfat kind has more fat than I'd like....but I do sparingly use Jif lowfat. If you're eating poultry, take off the skin. Lots of fat usually under the skin and in the skin. I also buy Dannon Light & Fit Yogurt. I buy Wal-Marts Great Value brand of deli turkey and chicken....look for the 99% or 98% fat free on the label. I do treat myself to cocktail shrimp (not breaded kind) occasionally, and non-breaded fish broiled or baked is also good. Learn to read labels and do it diligently.
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    I suggest reading this thread: Carbs and Fats are cheap. Here's a Guide to getting your PROTEIN's worth. Fiber also...

    It links to a spreadsheet that lists a large number of foods, basically in order by protein efficiency (most protein for fewest calories).
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    Skyre is fairly low fat and higher protein than greek yogurt. Also very filling.