Post here if you want more friends!



  • Hardstylexmen
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    Feel free to add me. 30 years young , currently UK.
  • tobyhasissues
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    Anyone can add me.
  • jpoehls9025
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    Whats up! add in desperation haha.
  • prlgator
    prlgator Posts: 9 Member
    New to Fitness Pal due to my new Samsung Smartwatch but 4 months into a 100 pound weight loss goal. Last weigh in was 2 weeks ago and I was down 26 pounds. Logged 114 days on Lose It app until I realized it will not sink with new watch so here I am. 74 more pounds to go by June 1 2018. Love the idea of some new friends.
  • zelya202
    zelya202 Posts: 12 Member
    33 years, 90 day streak and 12lb loss. For now the goal is to simply have a flat stomach. Feel free to add me.
  • madxprofessor
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    hey everyone!! 24 from Florida. I've already lost 48lbs & hoping to lose another 50. anyone can add me, been on this site for years and all my old friends have stopped using this app, so currently looking for more people to join my fitfam ;)<3
  • lindafit4life21
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    Hello add me too
  • BoomyBabe
    BoomyBabe Posts: 17 Member
    I need friends! Just coming back after a break due to surgery. Time to lose the last bit of weight!! Down over 70 lb so far!
  • fitcindylou
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    Me! Looking for friends for motivation :)
  • EricaCraigie
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    The more the merrier
  • jpoehls9025
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    The more the merrier

    yup, right?
    The more the merrier

    Hel* yea, Agreed.
  • erinmichelefranco
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    34 year old mother who was doing fantastic on the weightloss journey until I decided to stop smoking and found myself running for sweets. Needless to say my downward spiral has almost landed me back at square one but I am determined to move forward with intention and success. I would love some company on this journey :) I refuse to fail !
  • BiggyFuzz
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    Pizza is life!!!
  • Kettlebelle_Mami
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    I need more Friends!
  • aerial102
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    Feel free to add Me! Let's reach our goals!
  • porcelanmermaid
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    Samantha. 25. College student. Engaged. Workaholic. TTC. ~300lbs. add me please.
  • johnw83
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  • erinhaley11
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    Me me me!
  • MrOjeh
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    Hey peeps! Add me and let's stay motivated together :)