New to the My Fitness Pal App and Looking for FRIENDS!!

Hey folks,

Newbie here. My name is Patrick and I'm 34, I'm from NC but recently moved to SC. Anyway I decided about 3 weeks ago to change my life, so I made drastic changes to diet and exerrscie. As far as diet it has been water, chicken, fruits and veggies. Exercise is 30 min cardio daily with resistant weight training 3x per week. I work with a local PT 1x a week for guidance and so he can basically kill me. Lol j/k he is great. The mental, emotional and physical changes have been amazing. It's almost becoming second nature at this point and I wish I had figured this out long ago.

Anyway that's my journey to date and I'm looking for friends, men or women who would like to link up as sort of a support network. People that will not judge just encourage, give advice, support, and praise. Shoot me a request or message if that is what you are looking for too.


  • ndeanstockport
    ndeanstockport Posts: 5 Member
    Love how determined you sound. Any reason for the change right now?
  • lindafit4life21
    lindafit4life21 Posts: 71 Member
    Sent a request your way
  • psilver063
    psilver063 Posts: 7 Member
    Change is due to being uncomfortable in my own skin. 30 lbs packed on in 3 years has made daily life more difficult.
  • jokermack71
    jokermack71 Posts: 3 Member
    Sent request
  • goolhc
    goolhc Posts: 91 Member
    nice spoken, i sent you an request
  • lifeisahighway
    lifeisahighway Posts: 490 Member
    Hey! Welcome. I sent you a request.
  • rdgfit
    rdgfit Posts: 98 Member
    Welcome, relatively new myself, 160 days in but really got myself focused in the past 30 days. Finding a lot of great people who are willing to share and support on this site. Always open to growing my network of support, and happy to encourage others.
  • newdaydawning79
    newdaydawning79 Posts: 1,503 Member
    Just sent you a request. You got this!