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    The way thay I try to stay off soda is by simply drinking other products. I don't mean diet soda or gatorade either, but here's a few low price beverages that I use in place of soda.

    Neuro drinks- If you haven't heard of them, look it up online. They are is many corners stores. These have a soda like texture (fizzy taste) and there are VERY few calories contained in them. Each flavor is supposed to change your mood. For example, an orange one may make you feel more energetic. I don't know if I believe this, but they are definitely very good substitutes for soda.

    Peace Tea- These drinks are the size of Arizona Teas, contain much less calories, still $1, have a wider variety of flavors, and, in my opinion, taste better. I believe one can is two servings with each serving being 80 calories. This is really good for when you just want something with a smoother texture. Plus, the great flavors make you forget about soda. I have only seen these at Shell corner stores, so be sure to look out for them if you have a Shell store near you.

    Bai- These are sold in almost any store. They have many flavors and have a fizzy texture to them. I believe that Bai has the fewest calories in this list. I think it may have been in the 30-40 calorie range for one serving size, which is one bottle.

    I purchased this next one you WalMart. I don't remember the name of it, but it had a fizzy texture to it. They were long, skinny bottles. Just look out for them next time you stop by WalMart.

    I hope one of these drinks helps you fight that soda addiction. I used to drink about 3-4 Coca Cola cans a day and these drinks really helped me stop craving soda. I wish you the best of luck!
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    Personally I usually drink tons of coffee and Pepsi daily, but when I diet I only have 1-2 cups of coffee at home (40-80cals) and water. That's it! It's been 3 days and today I met up at Tim Horton's with some friends and as I waited I checked MFP's database and settled on a small Iced Coffee made with milk for 70cals and only 9g of sugar. I also had after dinner half a portion of chips and half a can of cherry Pepsi. I savoured it and enjoyed every bite and sip. I log it and fit it in my calories. I am happy to have found a balanced approach (IMO) this time. :blush:
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    Green tea works for me :)
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    The only time I was able to give up soda totally was when I went three basic training because I didn't have a choice at that time.i never noticed any whitdraw or from no being able to smoke. I gusse i didn't have the time to worry about it. Now I've cut my soda intake to 3 a day from about 6. I'm hoping to wean myself off here soon
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    Thank you all very much for the advice and feedback. I greatly appreciate it. I have been trying Diet Pepsi without Aspartame the past few days. I have upped my water intake a lot. I work plus I am doing the single parent life right now. I have small children at home so I don't always get a lot of sleep. I hate relying on caffeine but I need to until more weight comes off and I have more energy.
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    I like LaCroix in Passionfruit because it seems sweet to me- I think it was a good flavor to start with. I tend towards lemon/lime flavors now.

    Increasing water intake is helpful but I saw one of the post mention sleep- when I was weaning off my ridiculous diet soda consumption (6 cans+ a day), I took some ibuprofen for headaches and I went to bed early for a few days. It really helped me. I drink 16-20z of coffee in the morning now- and that's it for caffeine. The rest of the day is either plain water or LaCroix/Perrier.

    I still occasionally have diet soda- but rarely.
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    Get a Soda Stream and make your own sodas! There are lot of possibilities, including tea and (small amounts of) juice. A great life hack is to buy caffeine and make your own energy drink. Don't bother with the syrups. You control the amount of sugar, caffeine, aspartame, juice, whatever.
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    Sparkling water is what helped me, I quit cold turkey, and replaced all the liquids I consumed with water, sparkling water, and one cup of coffee a day. Which was a huge deal for me, because I never drank water before, I realized I needed to quit soda when my husband asked when the last time I had some water was, and I couldnt remember, I quit that day, I was tired for the first few days, but 41 days later and I feel much better, I dont get headaches everyday like I used too from too much sugar, and my skin is 100X better.
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    SMGMama3 wrote: »
    I have had an addiction to soda for years sadly. That has drastically altered my life and my weight. I am one that does not have tons of energy because I have chronic fatigue. What do you use to help stay off soda and still have energy?

    It sounds like the issue is caffeine, so something without calories and with caffeine. I'm personally obsessed with black coffee, but it obviously tastes nothing like soda. Diet soda and homemade iced tea (pick a flavor you like, make it, chill it) can be nice substitutes.

    Ideally one is not hooked on caffeine, so then reducing the amount you drink is a good idea, but there's no real reason to go cold turkey on caffeine normally, just gradually reduce it and it's largely painless to quit.

    You might find you sleep better without it and that helps your energy levels, too. But you have to give it a little bit of time.
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    I would strongly suggest staying away from diet soda. It's very unhealthy. I don't have a soda addiction but an ice tea addiction. I didn't want to quiet cold turkey because of headaches. I am doing a fasting approach and it seems to be helping. I started off by not drinking any after 7pm until 7 am. I slowly increased the times and only having 3 glasses a day from my normal gallon a day (aka addict). I have tried to quiet in the past and this has worked better then anything for me. Hope this helps.

    There is nothing "unhealthy" about diet soda provided you drink it in moderation (like anything else). As far as energy OP, I am assuming it is caffeine that you are referring to. You can try tea (I enjoy Green Tea personally) or coffee. Again, all in moderation. From my personal experience, I actually found that decreasing my caffeine over time (to just two cups of coffee in the morning now) has actually given me more stable energy with less crashes. Obviously, we are all different and it may not work for you.

    Actually studies have shown that diet soda makes you hold on to your weight longer. She is better off with her regular soda and cut it down slowly.

    There have been vast amounts of studies showing quite the opposite. Many of the those studies show correlation, not causation. It is a similar concept to people eating twice as much of something because it says "low fat". If you continue ingesting more than you burn, you will continue to gain or retain weight.
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    Get a Soda Stream and make your own sodas! There are lot of possibilities, including tea and (small amounts of) juice. A great life hack is to buy caffeine and make your own energy drink. Don't bother with the syrups. You control the amount of sugar, caffeine, aspartame, juice, whatever.

    I didn't know you could just buy caffeine! That makes the possibilities endless!!