Wondering About After Gallbladder Surgery...



  • jenovatrix
    jenovatrix Posts: 219 Member
    I had mine out in January. Also laparoscopic. I'd never had surgery before so I was really scared but it wasn't hard at all. I was out of work 2 days, then half days for a week. No lifting over 15 lbs and DEFINITELY don't get tired, yawn, and stretch your arms over your head! ouch!! For me, honestly, the worst part was the IV. I hate needles. In recovery they don't let you go until you've emptied your bladder sufficiently which for me took 5 hours. I did throw up once but that's because they gave me Phenergan, which is anti-nausea but ironically always makes me sick.

    I don't have any restrictions on my diet and haven't noticed any issues with my digestion. The only thing that bugs me is the scar! I keep rubbing Vitamin E oil on the thing but it's still pink. Hoping it'll fade soon. I'm very pale so it stands out a lot :disappointed:

    Best of luck!
  • cklbrown
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    I had a laparoscopic removal. I was in the hospital overnight due to medication I was taking at the time. My recovery was very easy. The weekend after I went away to my cousin's wedding with no pain or side effects. I never had any restrictions on my diet and quickly gained back any weight I had lost.