how to lose weight rapidly



  • RuNaRoUnDaFiEld
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    Rapid weight loss tends to not be healthy or long lasting.
  • jenilla1
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    If you actually want to keep it off after you lose it, you should opt for a healthy, sustainable, well-paced approach to your weight loss. Rapid loss isn't the best way to go... :)
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    The what now?!
  • nutmegoreo
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    Walking is good exercise and can certainly help you lose weight. What is your definition of rapidly?
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    I think only morbidly obese people can lose weight rapidly and safely. :P
  • winchestertardisrider
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    Rapid weight loss will inevitably equal rapid weight gain. You can do unhealthy, drastic things and drop a bunch of weight, but it will come back quick. And it usually brings friends. If this process was a quick one, MFP wouldn't exist and we'd all be lean mean machines. It takes real work and a real change of heart and mind to make the lasting change. And that's what you want. I'm sure of it. One day at a time. Once choice at a time. Water. You got this. Be realistic. Make attainable goals to avoid depression. Instead of listing your "goal weight" as your goal, try listing 5 pound increments. Each time you get those 5 pounds, you are completing a goal. And ready for the next. Be strong!
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    Try lose the weight healthily don't starve yourself. Eating low carbs high protein diet is a good way though to speed things up a little and exercise (at least from my experience in the past).
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    For me, I'm done with the starve yourself dieting. Yeah I lost alot of weight pretty fast but it also comes back easy and I didn't build muscle as well.

    Rather go slower on the scale and gain more muscle as I drop. Plus my diet I have now is sustainable, works good with my schedule and will be easy to increase when the time comes.

    Think long term and workbhard
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    We would need more Information about you in order to help. How much do you weigh? Your definition of rapid? What you eat now? Your goal in mind? What you can and can't eat? Your access to good quality meat and produce (I say this because I didn't have any quality fresh foods for a while). Etc.
    Rapid in my definition is about 2 pounds a week unless you are morbidly obese, then you can lose a little more.
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    I suppose that would depend upon how you define rapid, but the dynamic of weight loss is actually fairly simple at it's core: move more and eat less. The MFP app makes this process fairly idiot proof provided you have a bit of self discipline and log honestly.
  • nutmegoreo
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    Maybe OP was asking:

    How to lose weight (while) rapidly walking?
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    I've lost a lot of weight by walking. 96 days ago I set out walking 2km a day and began to gradually increase. Iv got myself up to 10km a day.

    I started weight training four weeks ago with a personal trainer and. I increased my calorie intake at this time. The days I weight lift, I walk around 6-7km.

    I have lost 3st and 6lbs (48lbs) in that time. I weigh all my food, eat clean and don't eat back any of my exercise calories.
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    Weird and confusing post. Who knows the intent. Is it a question? Is it a statement? Throwing a topic out there for discussion?
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    work you butt off, dedication and hard work. eat clean