The bad side of reading these weight loss stories.....

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So, after Christmas, I finally had that "click" moment. You know, that moment where you finally realize enough is enough and this damn weight is going bye bye.
On Jan 3rd, 2017. I began. I set MFP to 2lbs a week. First 6 weeks. Lost 13 pounds. So freaking happy. Then I started hitting weeks where I was lucky if I lost half a pound to a pound. Yes, I had those bad days. But not where I ended up eating over 3500 calories for the week. Maybe between 500 to 750. For the week.
For motivation, I would come on these boards to read the weight loss successes. However, I would get to some stories where I feel like I'm totally failing. I've loss 28 lbs in 17 weeks. Should have been at least 34. So already, I feel like *kitten*. Then I read these stories where in that same amount of time, someone has loss 50 lbs. I start crying. All that goes through my brain is "How?" "WTF?" "They are doing something right, your doing something wrong!"
I try to tell myself, don't give up. One day at a time, one pound at a time. Does anybody else ever feel the same way???


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    Everyone's journey and struggle is different. You're doing amazing, but you need to do it healthy and eat enough. Don't eat to little in an unsafe manner just to lose weight.

    Some people will lose quicker, some slower. Honor your journey and where you are. Your body is trying its hardest, honor it too.
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    28lbs in 17 weeks is fantastic! I think it's incredible! You put me to shame. Just keep going and have faith. I think you're doing great ;)
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    i'm one of people that lost alot of weight quickly (i lost 65lbs in under 7 months). For me, it was because i ate extremely healthy, I did HIIT cardio nearly every day, I didn't drink any of my calories and I lifted every day. If you eat really well and stay consistent you'll keep losing weight.
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    You will never ever ever loose 13 pounds in two weeks again. That is just water weight that everyone gets their first few weeks of dieting. So get that out of your head. I know its amazing and what not but don't think you'll ever do that again. Whats happening is your body hates you, basically, it hates what your doing to it so it holds on to everything you feed it and it also knows what you are going to feed it and what time. So ultimately you need to trick your body. Incorporate cheat days, up your intensity in your workouts, do a new workout, just essentially mix things up. Bottom line though, you are loosing weight, your body will not loose 2 lbs a week, no one will, that is just the average and mathematical way of saying this is how many pounds you'll loose because it just looks at the calories not the food you give your body which also has affect on fat loss.
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    That's your problem right there. Comparing yourself to others. Stop that. it will only discourage you more and more. Do not compare YOUR body with Susan down the street who dropped 30 pounds overnight just by giving up soda. Some people are blessed with better genes than others. What matters the most is how YOU stick to your diet. If you stop and tell yourself you're a failure because you aren't losing "fast enough" then maybe you should reevaluate yourself, maybe push yourself a little bit farther. Don't starve yourself, then you'll REALLY fall off the bandwagon because you'll be depriving yourself big time and not eating enough is a breeding ground for medical complications. Please don't compare yourself to others, it will make matters worse. We all grow in our own way and we're all beautiful in our own way as well. Christmas lights are beautiful, wild flowers growing in the meadow are beautiful too but they're nothing alike. We're all different.
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    Last time it took me 6 months to lose 70# and 9 months to gain it back. This time, it took me 18 months to lose 70# and I've kept it off for 6 months. It will probably take me another 6 months to lose the last 9. Go slow and take the time to learn along the way. This doesn't have to be a white knuckle ride.
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    It is not a competition. You are doing better than a lot of us out here. Keep going, never give up, you will get to your goal.
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    If your starting weight is really high (like 250 + pounds), yeah, you can lose 50 pounds fairly quickly, but if your starting weight is not 250+, don't stress! You will get there. Just remember to keep telling yourself to TRUST THE PROCESS. Weight loss doesn't happen the same way for everyone, and it won't even be consistent based on Cal In/Cal Out. For example, even though I'm set at 2 lbs a week and log everthing, it doesn't mean I lose 2 lbs consistently every week. It goes in cycles. I'll lose--WOOSH--4 pounds every second week of the month for some reason, and then I struggle to get half a pound a week for the other three weeks of the month. That's just how it goes!
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    I should have put this in the beginning. I'm 42, 5' 9.5" tall and I started at 282. I wore 2x in shirts and a tight 22 to loose 24 in pants. I'm now to 254. Today, I just put on a size 20. A bit tight, but wearable. To me, I don't feel like I've lost anything. So when I read the bigger weight loss, I feel that if I was at that, I would see it. Thank you all for helping me see. :)
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    Be sure to get out a tape measure and measure yourself now, write it down, and use that as a guide as well. This is a lifelong marathon for success, with really no end. Last time around I lost 3 pounds a month, shed my unwanted 25# in about 8 months, and gained it right back over the next year. I thought I had "made it", that I was "done". Silly me. Now, with 8 pounds to go I'm trying to lose a pound a month. Just about at maintenance, so that I get a feel for it. In 8 months when I'm "there" I'll get to eat another 100 calories a day. An apple. Or small banana. Yay.
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    You are not a failure. Keep what everybody reports in perspective and do not compare.
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    You are doing amazing! Keep it going. We tend not to see the weight loss in ourselves and same holds true for those we see each day. If you want to see an honest reaction to your hard work thus far try to see someone you haven't seen for a while, they will let you know you have lost weight. I had that moment with my family last night and wow did it motivate me to keep going.

    I started at 281lb 57 days ago and hit 256 this week but my reason to start was to lower blood sugar levels. Once those were under control I lost in big drops once a week on the scale. Everyone's body and losing levels will be significantly different.

    I totally expect the wall is coming quickly. Rather than have another standard 30 minute workout with my trainer I wrapped up at 20 minutes and used the rest of my time to discuss with him how to move forward once I hit the wall.

    Here is a suggestion: You had a great success in putting on a size 20. Now try that piece of clothing on each week on the same day. You will see some true results as you lose inches regardless of what the scale says.
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    I lose slowly as well. I read about other women my height getting down to 110 lbs, losing 60 pounds in the time it took me to lose 30...and I...get jealous? At the same time I have to remember that I'm fit, my body is different than theirs, and all the hard work I put into training DOES slow me down a bit.
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    Don't strive for perfection, strive for progress instead!
    As long as the scale is going down and not up then what's the problem? :)