TMI - TOO MUCH INFORMATION (And it doesn't even have to be Tuesday!) ;)



  • slimgirljo15
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    Have you been married more than once
  • tmanfromtexas
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    Same Q, because it may have some legs.
  • gcibsthom
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    Yes...twice too often methinks

    Same question
  • jbirdgreen
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    No. I know there are a couple of old guy friends who are still interested, but I think that whole grief process wouldn't enable me to pursue anybody else.

    What was the worst date you've ever been on?
  • for_ever_young66
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    After first divorce, I met someone on line. We went to a club, she got real drunk and almost picked a fight with another woman on the dance floor. She puked in my car when taking her home.

    Ever gone drag racing with another person(s)?
  • jbirdgreen
    jbirdgreen Posts: 569 Member
    no, never.

    Ever puked on somebody else or somebody else's belongings?
  • Doug_T
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    Belongings yes not on a person though

    Best bloody story. Ever get your blood on somebody else.
  • drunkensailor86
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    Fell down steps on a ship, woke up at the bottom in a pool of blood, couldn't move so I set the fire alarm off next to me, the emergency party turned up extinguishers in hand to find me, semi conscious and covered in blood, the carried me to the ships hospital and someone slipped on my blood lol, got to the hospital where they stitched my head up, I had been drinking so they couldn't give me anesthetic, so I felt every stitch!

    HYE been in a bar fight?
  • Daleshields13
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    Bar fight - Yeah in Turkey with some arseholes

    What's the most extreme thing you've done
  • SojournerThirteen
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    When I was in 9th grade, one of the school bullies called my mother, he knew who she was, a mthrfckr2-balledbitchwhowearscombatboots, so I got a R and L hook, and then straight punch to his forehead... grabbed him in a headlock and tried to shove it through a thin safety glass (with wire in it) glass window. Took 2 PE teachers and vice principal to get him out of my headlock.

    Same question
  • drunkensailor86
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    Bar fight

    A guy was hurting his niece (she was in her 20s) and she was crying and holding on to me for help. I kept telling him to back off and leave her alone but he wouldnt. So I grabbed him by the throat and pretty much choke slammed him, then I choked him til the barman came round and stopped me. He go thrown out, I left not long after. Returned to the bar the next day to see if I was barred or not (it was my local) the landlady said she barred the other guy, and when he called complain, she told him he deserved it. I wasnt barred (thankfully)

    I was 15 the last time I threw a punch though

    Most extreme probably skydive

    HYE rode an animal other than horse (elephant for me)

  • FabulousFantasticFifty
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    Ridden bareback?
  • FabulousFantasticFifty
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    A Tiger

    Do you let your pets on your bed?
  • FabulousFantasticFifty
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    Do you bathe your pets often
  • ilfaith
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    I have no pets. My children bathe themselves...although I sometimes have to bribe/threaten them.

    Do you make your bed every day before leaving the house?
  • FabulousFantasticFifty
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    95% of the time
    I'm one of those always late people :grimace:

    Never has dirty dishes
  • lqqkingatu
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    Ummm errrr welll sometimes I do. I can unsee them.

    Does your pantry need a little work - throw out expired cans, spilled rice, etc? Restock?