Unexpected energy loss, increase in appetite

I've lost 59 pounds. I got my sleep apnea taken care of a year ago, everything was going good. But in the last week or two, I've noticed a huge change in how I'm feeling. I'm constantly exhausted, I'm falling asleep in my car during my breaks at work (which I haven't done in ages), and I'm constantly hungry and eating. I work in a bakery, and normally can ignore the sweets, but I haven't been able to. Weight won't move at all. I generally hit my protein goal for the day, I take omega 3 fish oil, daily vitamins, and extra vitamin D every day.
Nothings really changed except I'm working 3-4 more hours a week. But I'm sooo tired. Normally I have the energy to get everything done: play with my kids, keep up my house, and get a workout in (I'm a single mom of two). Now, Im barely home from work before I crash for the night.

Is there anything anyone can suggest? I just switched over to a new insurance and won't get my card for a few weeks, so I can't make a doctor's appointment yet. But anything anyone can suggest would be helpful.


  • jgnatca
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    It sounds like sleep disturbance to me. Can you cut caffeine in all forms after noon? Try a bedtime ritual.
  • cmtigger
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    Is there a chance you could be pregnant?

    But if it's sudden, it's worth going in to talk to your doctor about it. There could be many medical issues causing it.
  • LexiAtel
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    You getting enough water?

    What's your bread/pasta intake? I'm no expert, but I hear bread products have this affect.
  • Geocitiesuser
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    In addition to what others have asked: Are you eating enough?

    There are SO many variables at play when it comes to energy levels.
  • pebble4321
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    If this is a sudden change, I'd wonder if you have a virus or similar. Or pregnancy, as someone else suggested. If it doesn't resolve itself soon, see your doctor