Need to lose over 100 pounds group



  • aimeegrace_davies
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    I would like to join!!
  • mjj79
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    Me please!
  • ChildOfFlame
    ChildOfFlame Posts: 5 Member
    I'm interested!
  • sosteach
    sosteach Posts: 260 Member
    Can people share what has worked for them or the struggles they need help with?
  • sanchezboys211
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    I have 89 to loose down 40 but happy to join amd encourage others and give and get tips.
  • theowlbox
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    m1227mfp wrote: »
    Looking to put together a group of woman who need to lose over 100 pounds and who want to motivate each other and be accountable. Send me a message or reply below

    Hello! Is it a female only group? There are a few groups for this already going if you just want to join a group and don't want the hassle of moderating. But if you're looking to create a specific type of space is it just kind of like Curves - ladies only? Im game for whatever. I'm already in 2 groups for the +100 lb crowd: 100 lbs with no surgery and Let's lose it. It's really helpful to be in a group! Lmk if you make a group. I want in!
  • jmolivia
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    In. Lost ~20 lbs last summer, took a break for the school year (teaching usually causes me to stress-eat) with the goal of not gaining any back during that time. Started again one week ago, and thanks to a nasty bout of food poisoning already down 7 lbs :s (do not suggest this method!). Looking to go from 230+ start weight to about 130.

    As far as struggles, my main one is the enormity. I've given myself permission to lose in the summers and hold steady during the school years. That means it will take me ~5 years to lose the weight I want to lose, but it also gives me practice in moderation--both in terms of loss and in terms of diet when I'm not actively calorie counting. 5 years feels like a long time, but on the other hand, so do the 20 years I've spent wanting to lose weight only to see the scale creep up year after year. This is the first method I've successfully tried, so I'm sticking with it :)
  • louiseisbeautiful
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    Me please. I have about 120 to lose.
  • aamerine08
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    Me too, I'm needing to drop 130. Add me!
  • gwennylou
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    I'm needing to lose 100-110 pounds.
  • Leannep2201
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    I'd be keen- I really need to lose about 50kg (100lb).... and it seems so hard right now!
  • butisitbeautiful
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    Me too. Y_Y I've been yoyoing for so long. I'm tired.
  • skyeg1984
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    I have lost 91lb. Still have 56 to go. Please add me
  • odette71
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    Sounds like a good plan to me. Let's motivate each other :)
  • cookiemonster_ashley
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    I'm interested. I have like 130 to lose
  • HeatherDunn1975
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    I would love to join! I have 102 to loose.
  • attawayfamily4
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    I'm in! I'm down 53 pounds but 52 more to go. I still need support. I am on 1330 calories a day. I walked 10 miles yesterday, met my nutrition goals and still gained 1/2 a pound! HELP!
  • Verity1111
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    I started with around 100 to lose (98 actually). I'm almost halfway there, but I could still relate and be willing to help if you'd let me join. :) Just let me know and good luck!
  • linsey0689
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    I have at least the much to get rid out. Haha. Don't judge based on profile photo. That's me when I lost weight last time. Gained almost all of it with the death of the father. Ready to start again :)
  • ellafoster2
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    Wow! I thought I was alone with the need to lose this much weight. ( actually I need to lose more). No one I know needs to lose more than 30 pounds of that. I am still not sure how this works but I like the encouragement and support.
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