I'm excited!!!

Ok, I am waiting until someone else notices I have lost anything. I have lost 17 lbs and I feel great, healthier, able to move easier. My pants have started getting very loose and baggy. I got brave and ordered some---a size smaller!! I got them today and THEY are almost too big!!! I love it!! I CAN DO THIS!!! I know 17 lbs isn't a lot, when I am hoping to loose 60, but ITS ALMOST 1/3 OF MY GOAL!!! Ok, will calm down now. I just had to tell someone. Thanks for .....listening?? lol. Have a great day!!


  • mixedbag4444
    mixedbag4444 Posts: 189 Member
    Congrats! Buying smaller clothes is so satisfying. Good work and good luck on the rest of your journey!
  • fruitystix
    fruitystix Posts: 35 Member
    Very inspiring...I'll have what she's having!
  • mirelaavdich
    mirelaavdich Posts: 41 Member
    Congratulations!! 17lbs is BIG, don't take that away from yourself :smile:
  • fposte2016
    fposte2016 Posts: 130 Member
    You're doing it!! This post made me so happy!
  • norahkathleen
    norahkathleen Posts: 69 Member
    Awesome!! Way to go! And thank you for sharing...that is what this is all about. Having a place to share things like this, for yourself and to motivate others.
  • Kathryn247
    Kathryn247 Posts: 570 Member
    Congratulations! 17 was my 1/3 point, and right about when people started to mention they noticed a difference. Enjoy!
  • Spartan_Gingi
    Spartan_Gingi Posts: 194 Member
    Thats so cool!!! Congratulations!
  • bluets2011
    bluets2011 Posts: 241 Member
    So happy for you!!!
  • Crackertime
    Crackertime Posts: 23 Member
    I love the enthusiasm!!! I just went a pant size down too! I just have to remember how this feels as motivation! I'm so happy for you.
  • mplee5
    mplee5 Posts: 13 Member
  • rhps84
    rhps84 Posts: 26 Member
    Woohoo!! ^_^
  • dandreawillis
    dandreawillis Posts: 6 Member
    Congratulations! That's a great accomplishment! You should keep celebrating yourself regardless of what anyone does or doesn't notice! ❤️ happy for you!
  • bpp23
    bpp23 Posts: 170 Member
    Great job!!!
  • Tulip9
    Tulip9 Posts: 143 Member
    That's over 3 bags of sugar! Congrats.
  • aliyune
    aliyune Posts: 23 Member
    Awesome job!! Keep going, you're doing great!
  • drenergy
    drenergy Posts: 112 Member
    haha, good job! It's cool to be excited.
  • Springgal624
    Springgal624 Posts: 3 Member
    THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for your responses!! I just today found these replies. Made me feel great and gave me positive feelings to handle this holiday weekend. Thanks again!!!
  • djnusch
    djnusch Posts: 19 Member
    Great job, don't get too hung up on others noticing something they don't usually notice until you lose 10% of your body weight.
  • Farrell73
    Farrell73 Posts: 94 Member
    That's awesome! Keep up the great work!!!
  • tealtortoise
    tealtortoise Posts: 53 Member
    So happy for you!
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