Lose 5 pounds in June!

Hi everyone! Back again! The goal is to lose at least 5 pounds during the month of June. Just list your SW and your weekly weigh-ins. Here for support and motivation, let's keep each other going during the summer months! We can do it! Good Luck! :)


  • Lenamarshae
    Lenamarshae Posts: 57 Member
    SW: 146
    GW: 130

    I'm going to move my personal goal to 1.5 pounds per week!

    My weigh in day will be Tuesdays :)
  • Jump4Fitness
    Jump4Fitness Posts: 48 Member
    I am happy to join you. I need the extra motivation and support right now. I start my weigh-ins tomorrow - June 1st.
  • Bex953172
    Bex953172 Posts: 3,716 Member
    Yeah I'm in, I lost 4lb in Jan and then got a cold in Feb which affected my mental health and only lost 2lb from Feb to now.
    Finally snapped out of it and ready to kick some *kitten*

    SW: 170
    End of June weight: 165
    GW: 130
  • Nbaker0909
    Nbaker0909 Posts: 102 Member
    My June starting weight is 158 my June goal weight is 153. However my overall goal weight is between 150-145 so idk if I'll be able to lose 5 this month this close to my goal weight
  • juniormints74
    juniormints74 Posts: 60 Member
    Starting Weight - 190 lbs.
    June Starting Weight - 155 lbs.
    June Goal - 150 lbs.
    Ultimate Goal - 130 lbs.

    I weigh myself once a month so my next weigh in will be on July 1st. :)
  • amy93w
    amy93w Posts: 13 Member
    Starting Weight - 10st 5
    Current weight 1st June - 10st 0
    June goal - 9st 9
    Ultimate goal - 8st 5
  • tlee278
    tlee278 Posts: 35 Member

  • Jamie23049
    Jamie23049 Posts: 16 Member
    I wish I could but all my energy is focusing on exams so I am currently dying of stress so I dont plan on dieting during this month :(
  • marlyn1202
    marlyn1202 Posts: 0 Member
    Thanks for posting and the motivation!

    Starting Weight: 119 lbs.
    End of June Weight: 114 lbs.
    Goal Weight: 109lbs.
  • robertslynch77
    robertslynch77 Posts: 13 Member
    June Starting Weight - 263 lbs.
    June Goal - 255 lbs.
    Ultimate Goal - 185 lbs.

    Trying to lose weight but had some set backs, need to get back focused
  • gduran63
    gduran63 Posts: 5 Member
    June SW - 313 lbs.
    June GW - 300 lbs.
    Ultimate GW - 225 lbs.
  • Polixeni001
    Polixeni001 Posts: 12 Member
    Starting weight 206.6

    The goal for June 200..
  • Becarolach
    Becarolach Posts: 26 Member
    I am in ! Need to start losing again sw 207, ce 188.5 goal weight 180. let's do this we know we can!
  • work_on_it
    work_on_it Posts: 251 Member
    I'd like to lose 5 in June too... that'd be nice.
    SW: 240
    CW: 194
    July 1 Goal: 189
    Ultimate Goal: 180
  • debbie16172
    debbie16172 Posts: 1 Member
    Sw 170
    Gw 140
    I'm not setting a weekly Target because if I don't reach it I will become disheartened.. but what I will do is my bloody best!!
  • robbinsa188
    robbinsa188 Posts: 2 Member
    SW: 237.1 lbs
    CW: 229.7 lbs
    UGW: 150 lbs (or less)
    July 1st Goal: Under 225 lbs

    I'm hoping to lose at least 5 lbs this month :) I've lost 7.4 lbs since May 7th so it's very much within the realm of possibility.
  • 321blueeyes
    321blueeyes Posts: 280 Member
    June SW - 154 lbs.
    June GW - 149 lbs.
    Ultimate GW - 135 lbs.

    Stopped hormonal birth control (Mirena) less than 2 weeks ago and looking forward to (finally!) making some progress!
  • moonbeams896
    moonbeams896 Posts: 191 Member
    June SW 238
    June GW 233
    Ultimate GW 135