Signs of anorexia...?

Hi. I've been on a weight loss routine for a long time now, which includes taking part in dieting and exercise. But nowadays, I feel like my dieting may have gone a little far, in the way that after I eat something, I get this guilt like 'oh I just ate this! I'm going to get fat!' And that happens for all kinds of foods, even healthy ones.

I try to make up for what I ate by not eating anything for the rest of the day or making it self mandatory to exercise. Basically, to sum it all up, every time I eat, I feel like I'm putting fattening stuff into my body.

I know it's irrational so I'm wondering if watching calories for so long and dieting is starting to make me slightly anorexic?


  • diannethegeek
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    If you're concerned about it, you might want to speak to your doctor or seek out a counselor who specializes in disordered eating.
  • cmriverside
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    It sounds like the beginning of disordered eating, for sure.

    The over eat/feel guilty/restrict cycle is dangerous.

    Snap out of it. :wink:
  • crevtion
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    That's how it began with me and it spiralled into a full blown eating disorder. Only that I was unaware or rather refused to acknowledge what I was doing. Please, I don't know you, but please get help before it's too late. Even if you have the tiniest doubt in you that what you're doing is healthy, please do something about it.
  • Christine_72
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    Warning Signs of Anorexia Nervosa

    Preoccupation with body shape, weight and/or appearance
    Intense fear of gaining weight
    Preoccupation with food or food related activities
    Negative or distorted body image; perceiving self to be fat when at a healthy weight/underweight
    Low self-esteem (guilt, self-criticism, worthlessness)
    Rigid thinking (‘black and white’, ‘good and bad’ foods)
    Feeling out of control
    Mood swings
    Anxiety or depression
    Heightened anxiety around meal times
    Heightened sensitivity to comments or criticism about body shape/weight/appearance/eating/exercise habits
    Suicidal or self-harm thoughts or behaviours
    Constant or repetitive dieting/restrictive or rigid eating patterns
    Excessive or compulsive exercise
    Changes in clothing style
    Impaired school or work performance
    Obsessive rituals around food
    Changes in food preferences
    Frequent avoidance of eating meals / excuses not to eat
    Social withdrawal / avoidance of social situations involving food
    Repetitive or obsessive body-checking behaviours
    Deceptive or secretive behaviour around food
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    Sounds like the same start I had. I caught on that "This doesn't seem mentally or physically healthy" early enough that I was able to stop it before it affected me negatively. I think you've noticed this problem early enough to stop it before it becomes worse. Like @christine_72 said, would be a good place to start to gather information and how you can get help to stop the progression.
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    Not sure if this is the appropriate place to turn to for help. As others mentioned, please seek professional help.