Lose 5lbs + in June 2017



  • PhedraJD
    PhedraJD Posts: 1,392 Member
    Original SW 250.2
    June SW 197.8
    June GW 190.0
    Ultimate Goal 140.0

    Weigh in 6/6/17 196.0 Loss of 1.8.
  • sarajaneeeee
    sarajaneeeee Posts: 7 Member
    Need the extra motivation this month!! Feel free to add me as a friend!

    Original starting weight - 190
    June starting weight - 153.8
    June goal weight - 148
    Ultimate goal weight - 140
  • salleewins
    salleewins Posts: 2,311 Member

    Original starting weight -201
    June starting weight -174
    June goal weight -168
    Ultimate goal weight -125-135

    Total lbs lost this month - 2
  • danifo0811
    danifo0811 Posts: 567 Member
    Day 2 of exercise.

    Eating yesterday was ok. Not as clean as I'd wanted but enough I can still lose weight at that intake. I need to figure out what to do when I come home and am making supper. Well I know I should snack on veggies like I give my kids or just wait.
  • Darshan_Shah14
    Darshan_Shah14 Posts: 1 Member
    Original weight 118
    June start 116
    June end 110
    Goal 100
  • Forest91
    Forest91 Posts: 1,206 Member
    Original starting weight-192lbs
    June starting weight-155lbs
    June goal weight-150lbs
    Ultimate goal weight -95.2lbs

    6/5: 155.8lbs
  • zimmermann81
    zimmermann81 Posts: 14 Member
    Ok how do you edit your posts to report weight? I couldn't even find my post. Help please lol
  • nicruns
    nicruns Posts: 203 Member
    Ok how do you edit your posts to report weight? I couldn't even find my post. Help please lol

    You definitely don't need help
    You CRUSHED it!!! Impressed (and jealous!!)-- keep it up!!! :)
  • shorarawi
    shorarawi Posts: 24 Member
    I'm in
    Jun/06 148lb
    June goal 143lb
    GW 140lb :)
  • LotusCass
    LotusCass Posts: 145 Member
    How do you edit your post?
  • loriryan92
    loriryan92 Posts: 11 Member
    edited June 2017
    Original starting weight - 197
    June starting weight - 184
    June goal weight - 176
    Ultimate goal weight - 125

    June 1: 184
    June 8: 183.2
    June 15:
    June 22:
    June 29:

    Not what I wanted to see this week, but still lost some weight. The challenge this week: My girls are involved in activities plus some extra this week. I did not make the best choices at dinner time or maybe eating a snack.
  • Keisha1005
    Keisha1005 Posts: 253 Member
    How do I edit my original post?
  • loriryan92
    loriryan92 Posts: 11 Member
    Found this in the help section.

    Thanks for taking the time to contact us. You can edit your post for 15 minutes after you made the post. After that the ability to edit is removed. If you’d like to delete your post, you can press flag > report. Under the reason, select: This is my post and I want to delete it.

    We hope this helps. Please let us know if you have any other problems or questions.
  • dlhollin1
    dlhollin1 Posts: 545 Member
    Starting wt 266.6
    Goal wt. 258.6

    6/5 264.6 -2.0 lbs
  • theresa4lucy
    theresa4lucy Posts: 2 Member
    Hi. I've been doing the yo-yo diet dance for a while now. I'm new to community and hoping this challenge will help me keep on track. I am currently the highest weight I've ever been:

    Starting weight:205
    June goal weight: 200
    Ultimate goal weight: 130
  • MayaKeros
    MayaKeros Posts: 57 Member
    Original starting weight - 78 kg - 172 lbs
    June starting weight - 54.1 kg
    June goal weight - 52.0 kg
    Ultimate goal weight - 50 kg - 110 lbs

    Total lbs lost this month -

    June 1: 54.1 kg
    June 8: 54.4 kg
    June 15:
    June 22:
    June 29: