How do you overcome stress to help with weight loss?

I've had a lot of stress in the last 6 months due to work. Not in a position to change jobs, because I plan to retire next March.

Need ideas to help overcome the stress from the job.



  • cmriverside
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    Meditation, prayer, exercise on your breaks - get outside every day.

    Do you have hobbies outside work? That's helpful.
  • SafioraLinnea
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    I actively remind myself that home stresses stay at the home and work stresses stop when I leave work. It's hard to do, but if it's for less than a year you can do it.

    Take up a relaxing hobby that allows you to be distracted. I go hiking in the valley. It's hilly enough and gorgeous enough to distract me from my troubles.
  • rsclause
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    For me running is the best stress relief. It got me past some really bad bouts of insomnia and allows me to let my mind wonder. It gives me some music time too.
  • stitch124
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    Thanks, yes I do like to quilt, knit and of course be with the gkids.

    I need to get myself on a new exercise plan. The last one stalled me after I lost 60 lbs.
  • kdavid1987
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    Just google "coping skills" and you can get tons of ideas. Some things that really work for me are: outdoor walks, playing with my pets, taking a hot bath with scented salts, painting my nails, playing video games. Just make sure you find things that you enjoy that you can do every day. Getting into a self care routine will make the stress of work more manageable, promise. :)
  • Spliner1969
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    Exercise is a good stress reliever. Try some cardio.
  • cmriverside
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    stitch124 wrote: »
    Thanks, yes I do like to quilt, knit and of course be with the gkids.

    I need to get myself on a new exercise plan. The last one stalled me after I lost 60 lbs.

    Yeah, I think I had to look at exercise as a joyful thing instead of a trudge I did in order to lose weight. For me it is about getting outside and looking around at the wonder of the world, the birds, the bugs, the plants, the weather. Exercise is proven to lift mood as well. For that matter, healthy eating is one of the best things I've found to combat stress. Sugar, alcohol and caffeine are the thieves of my joy if not kept at a minimum.
  • Trishous
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    I picture the door closing in my brain to drop the work stress. Then I try real hard not to pick it up till I get back to work the next day. The more I did it the better it was to not pick it back up. Deep breathing exercises while at work have helped as well. Doing the breathing doesn't take too long and it is amazing how my shoulders will relax after doing them. There are also stretches to do at your desk that will help as well. Not sure if you are at a desk but they work even if you aren't at a desk. I found the stretches online (Youtube) there were a lot so I picked what I liked and do those. Hang in there. On the exercise, if you are cleaning your house and doing any yard work that can count as exercise. I use house cleaning and gardening as my exercise. I also use my pedometer and use the walking for my exercise. It is amazing how many steps you can get while at the grocery store or Lowes. :-) Have a great day!
  • capricelrobinsoc
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    I would try fitstar for a new way to exercise. I love it because it lets me work out anytime at home or on the go. It is the best way to add more exercise when you don't have much time.
  • LuckyNumbers
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    You've received some good advice so far, but it bears repeating: meditation and exercise have been the most effective tools for helping me to cope with stress.

    If you have a smartphone, download the Calm app. It's free and gives you options for either guided or unguided meditations, and also allows you to set how long you want to meditate. It has taken me YEARS to finally make a good practice of it (I felt like I was horrible at meditation at first), but now, I can tell a real difference in my mood and patience when I don't meditate.

    Exercise has been the same way for me. I wouldn't say I'm on a regular schedule yet, but I am getting to the point where if I don't exercise (yoga, body weight exercises, walking), I don't feel as good as if I did exercise.

    When I'm exercising AND meditating, I am eating better, thinking more clearly, and handling stress in a much better way. Study after study has shown that these two methods are some of the best ways to handle stress, anxiety, depression, and a host of other problems. And they'll help you keep up with those grandkids once retirement day comes. ;-)
  • hzl22
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    I find that yoga helps .. u just put on boho beautiful on YouTube and follow one of her videos but I'm sure there's other just find one u like ... also peaceful walks can help with both mind and body if there's s pretty place around you u can just walk around ... mainly just find a form of exercise you can enjoy
  • Need2Exerc1se
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    Meditation, breathing exercises, a walk in the woods, humor, wine
  • jgnatca
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    Breathing really works. And it's easy.

    Reframing stressors as "challenges" can make you healthier. Really.
  • KimbersNewLife
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    Stress will ALWAYS BE In your life! I can promise you that. The best thing to do is find a go to for when you are feeling stressed... that's one thing you can do. Mine is walking, no matter if I am at work or home, when I find myself stressing out I go walk and it helps a lot. Wine is a great emergency go to if you drink ;-) I also recommend lots of humor and some good comedies. If you aren't into movies find someone who makes you laugh. I have a friend who is a comedian so I'm lucky I call him and he cracks me up... laughter is a great stress reliever. Oh and music is great! Find an artist you can identify with and fill your head with it! It helps.
  • brookielaw
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    Not gonna lie, I sucked it up and got professional help. Mine was not so much just stress but a combination of stress, guilt, and grief. The counselor I saw specializes in obesity and bariatric patients. I didn't like reappearance of stress/guilt/grief (emotional eating) in my life so I was hoping that someone with her specialties/background would be more helpful as the huge emotional event created a ripple of setbacks. The biggest takeaways I got from our session were to try to practice mindfulness, looking at my choices versus my options and owning my choices. She also gave me great tips for getting back into my exercise routine. I love to swim and the breathing involved with swimming is great for stress. I walk over my lunch break at my super stressful job and schedule time for workouts. Some people also dig yoga for stress relief. I'll go to a class every now and then but it isn't my thing per se. Find something that makes you feel good physically. Pounding on my heavy bag at home sure helps me let go. Good luck!
  • Tazzie0208
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    meditation, practice a hobby, spend 15 minutes a day doing something you love. (Not eating badly of course LOL)
    best of lucks!!!
  • shakenbake57
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    Work stress is the tough since so much of our waking time is spent there. I feel for you! All the advice you've gotten is great - though some of the things are tough to do when in rhe middle of the situation leading to stress. As changing jobs isn't an option, maybe retiring a little earlier is in your future. If your employer has an EAP, you may want to check it out. I used in a previous job where stress was very high and found helpful. They helped me learn how to reframe my thoughts (avoid the stinkin' thinkin') which contributed to my stress.
  • natajane
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    A good trick I read about to use during stress is to think about what you are grateful for. Apparently, even if you can't come up with anything, the process of trying to think of something has really positive affects on your brain.

    Sometimes when my toddler is in a grump I ask her what her favourite part of the day has been (simpler form of the above) and honestly it actually snaps her out of her mood sometimes! And it works for me as an adult.

    Also if I find I've eaten emotionally, I ask myself out loud whether that food actually fixed my problem or helped me. It's always a no. Eventually I've just stopped doing it as much. Unfortunately I also like eating when I'm happy though hahahaha.
  • cwolfman13
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    Regular exercise, particularly cycling is what I use to mitigate stress...I also do some meditation and yoga...a hike in the woods always chills me out.