Favorite nutrition bars/ snacks

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I work from 5-11 typically and I'll eat a small dinner around 4ish and then a snack at 11 when I get off (I don't get to eat at work) I've been grabbing cliff bars or power bars (love these) to have as a snack alongside a banana or something because I find it difficult to get enough calories early on in the day. What are your favorite nutrition bars? I'm looking for cheaper options that I could grab at Walmart. Anyone like kind bars? Lara bars? Thanks!


  • annacole94
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    If you can get them, the Kirkland Protein bars from Costco are delicious and less expensive. Very filling.
  • ktbulur
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    Oh yeah One bars for the win
  • regpark85
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    Pure Protein Bars are decent option, but the combat crunch bars taste even better. another option is the nature valley protein bars but only 10g of protein, and high in fat so you gotta be careful. they taste fantastic though.
  • amandapeters00
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    I try to have a Larabar with my midday snack. I prefer them because they have no processed ingredients. Most of the bars have simple ingredients like dates, almonds, apples, cinnamon. They are just my preference with my snack.
  • tjones0411
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    I like the Costco Kirkland protein bars too - chocolate chip cookie dough is my favorite. I recently tried the Oatmega brand too and those were really good - only 14g of protein (compared to 21g in the Kirkland brand).

    Then there's the Coconut Almond butter Clif bars...which I won't even pretend can be considered all that nutritious, but they are delicious! lol
  • sunnyveg
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    Luna bars are delicious and they are nutrition bars made specifically for women, as says on the package. You should try them out. They also carry protein bar versions. But if you get the protein bar Luna bars I'd recommend the peanut butter one, since the protein taste isn't​ as strong. I get them at Walmart btw.
  • macgurlnet
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    I found I love most larabars. I've tried pretty much all of them, and now I'm starting to make my own.


    There's a ton of options there. I've only done the base recipe (cashews and dates), but I'm looking forward to trying the rest :)