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I'm still a WIP, so no real success for me. However, my dog used to be overweight and I took pictures through her process of losing weight.

Chloe is a 9 year old Australian Cattledog Mix. She was diagnosed with a Luxating Patella and early signs of arthritis which really kicked my butt in gear. Since she couldn't exercise without going temporarily lame each time, I just measured each portion and added green beans when she tried breaking in to things for more food. Occasionally I took her swimming.

Anyone else go through or in process of doggie weight loss? The first and last pic in the image are of her laying down. The middle two are standing.



  • nutmegoreo
    nutmegoreo Posts: 15,532 Member
    Go Chloe! That's awesome.
  • cmriverside
    cmriverside Posts: 33,847 Member
    Aww. How's the leg doing?
  • L1zardQueen
    L1zardQueen Posts: 8,754 Member
  • double_nn
    double_nn Posts: 24 Member
    Wow that's awesome! We're going through weight loss for my dog too. We got him from the shelter as an underweight adult, but ended up going too far. He has 7-8 lbs to lose total (he's lost 1 already!)
  • robertw486
    robertw486 Posts: 2,376 Member
    Our neighbor had a pit bull that lost about 20-25 lbs after direction by the vet to have him lose weight.

    And this example with animals is prime evidence that the same works for humans. It's all about calorie control to desired weight. The only real difference is us humans can dig into the 'fridge, pull something out of the freezer, grab a piece of fruit, or hit a drive through just about any time we want. :wink:

    We have a pit bull we just got a few months back, and she has gained weight since we got her. We just had a discussion earlier that she has gone from over thin to "someone is giving her too many snacks!". We will probably have to weigh her and get it under control to prevent her bubbling up. I'm sure she will eat anything we offer, at any time.
  • princess0lexi
    princess0lexi Posts: 3,938 Member
    she is beautiful and i am happy that she is healthy and doing good :)
  • tealtortoise
    tealtortoise Posts: 53 Member
    I love it!
  • TorrizzleWillSizzle
    TorrizzleWillSizzle Posts: 119 Member
    I love it! I have a Australian Cattle Dog/Black Lab mix :) Way to go pup!!!
  • laurenebargar
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    Not sure if this counts, but I have a corgi, because of their short legs they are prone to back problems, especially if they have any extra weight, (and they are just so cute how can you say no to them LOL) we went to the vet and saw that Kiki was up to 30 lbs, still in a normal range but the ideal is 24-29. Flash forward a few months, she is at 26 lbs and happy as a clam, Shes a very active dog, and now shes my fitness buddy lol long hikes, walks and runs are contributing to both of our weight losses, and not as many treats are probably also helping us!
  • laurenebargar
    laurenebargar Posts: 3,081 Member
    And by the way, awesome job, I know how difficult it can be, and she looks perfect now!
  • LauraInTheWater
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    My dog lost weight as I have lost weight! Mainly because I spend more time outside and take her on walks. Her ideal weight is about 70 lbs and at her highest she was in the mid-80s. Last check up she was 78 lbs!! The weight has been dropping off because she was doing nothing (like us) and now she is playing so much more--and loving it!!
  • Watch_Me_Rise
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    Hands down cutest thing I've seen all week. Also, I love heelers! Great job Chloe!
  • feathernaut
    feathernaut Posts: 66 Member
    I'm sorry I have no doggos to contribute, but this is my favorite thread ever.
  • fat2fitshley
    fat2fitshley Posts: 50 Member
    This thread makes me so happy. Thank you for posting it, it made my day.

    My dog doesn't need to lose weight, but right now is her active season. She usually loses a pound or two in the summer, which is a lot for her 14-16 pound self.

    Glad your dog is on the road to a healthier life! :D And what a cutie too!!
  • CharlieICURN
    CharlieICURN Posts: 89 Member
    When we adopted my Coco she weighed 30lbs. Now she's a healthy 18lbs, muscular, and is super active and happy.
  • BZAH10
    BZAH10 Posts: 5,696 Member
    That is adorable! Chloe looks fabulous! Thanks for sharing this.
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