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Hey guys new to mfp I am currently at 364 always been a big girl as try the latest diet I'm currently on Garcinia Cambogia it's helping a little bit I'm hoping my road to success I need support you guys have eny ideas what can help me out that would be great if you guys want to add me I don't know how to add people or I would portion size is my biggest concern I have never kept track of my portions so is really new and very hard for me cuz I just started doing the measuring cups I have a weight scale especially it's very hard on my boyfriend cuz he's trying to be supportive and it's really not working out cuz he don't have a lot to lose like I do he's only 217 and he has friends that always like to go out to eat and eat pizza and I just keep telling him that I need your support I can't do this on my own so if you have any tips anything that can help me out especially at night time I really love to snack thanks looking forward to hearing from you


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    Idk if this will help you but it's really helped me. What I've been doing is portioning out my snacks in the beginning of the week into sandwich bags. That way they are already portioned and then I can just put them in my app correctly. It's great cuz when u want a snack it's already portioned out for u.
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    Sounds really useful thank you have to try that
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    Good luck with your journey, I have sent you a request :)
    My boyfriend used to be a chef and cooks all of my evening meals, not all of which are terribly healthy. I have dealt with this by keeping my calories as low as possible during the day and not having any bread or other extras with my evening meal, even if he does. Feel free to check out my diary.
    You can still go out for meals, I do :) Pizza restaurants generally have a salad option or a lower-calorie base e.g thin crust which you can still fit into your calorie intake for the day.
    Exercise also helps if you eat some of your exercise calories back, it gives you a little more flexibility.
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    You don't need supplements or fad diets, what you do need is a calorie deficit.

    Scrap the measuring cups they are not accurate, get a food scale.
    This video explains why -
    • Set your MFP account up honestly and accurately - don't necessarily just choose the fastest weight loss rate, faster isn't necessarily better.
    • Log your normal intake for a couple of days
    • Review your data, see where you are taking extra calories in
    • Make small sustainable changes to bring you down to the calorie allowance that MFP has given you. For example if you drink a lot of your calories, swap drinks for lower calorie versions or water; if you use a lot of oil in cooking you could try a different cooking method or a 1cal spray; eating smaller portions of foods you like that are more calorie dense.
    • Once you have a handle on your calorie allowance you can work on your macro/micros to find a balance that suits you for hunger management and overall health.

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    Hey! Welcome. I'll send you a friend request.