Maintainers - how many meals a day?

I go between 3 and 5, but mostly 4. I wonder long term maintainers - what do you prefer? 3 bigger meals? 3 meals plus 1 or two snacks? what and why do you prefer this



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    I've reduced number of meals from 7(!) at some point in weight loss (not to mention grazing through weight gain), to 4, and now 3. My intake is split into roughly 1/4, 1/4, 1/2. 4 meals was nice (I had a lot of cheese and nuts and fruit and smoothies), but 3 is more tidy and need less planning. I feel more free - no stress with timing of meals, but most days I end up eating within a 6-8 hour window. And if I need/want additional food, I eat.
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    I pretty much MFP food log is set to time ranges rather than meals because my work schedule is very fluid and I find it easier that way
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    I eat 5 meals per day and very healthy. Meal #1 is usually oatmeal with nut/ honey/ cinnamon, or overnight Banana-P.B. oats; sometimes egg scramble with spinach, onion & DAves Powe seed bread as toast. For Meal 2..usually fruit or small fruit/protein smoothie. Meal #3 is usually large salad, or tuna on toast. For Meal 4 usually a high fiber almonds or popcorn popped in coconut oil, or a Kind Bar. My supper is light...meat and lots of veges or homemade soup with tons of veges. I've cut out sugar and alcohol... & only use pure organic honey as a sweetner. (I eat salmon 2 x a week) I am maintaining wt. Loss easily eating 5 x a day and practice yoga every day, cardiovascular 20 min. 3 days a week.....ride my bike or kayak, swim on wk.ends.
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    I prefer to eat all the food all the time... but what actually works for me is something small mid-afternoon, then a big dinner, then possibly a small snack before bed.

    So a big snack/small meal around 2pm
    A big dinner around 6
    A snack around 10
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    My preference would be 3 meals and about 3 snacks - but that would typically put me in a slight calorie surplus.
    So for the working week I usually make "breakfast" one of my snacks (often a protein shake) and that works out as a rough calorie balance over the course of a week without calorie counting.

    My higher weekend exercise/activity levels means that 3 meals / 3 snacks is about right.
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    It varies by the day but I keep returning to 2 meals a day.

    I have coffee when I wake up then wait until I'm hungry to eat. 10am-11am I have lunch and it's my largest meal of the day. I'm so full I usually last until a light supper at 7:30pm.

    I might have yogurt or 2 egg about 4pm if hungry, bringing me to 2.5 meals that day.

    A treat food is usually eaten outside of that schedule. So a day or two a week I'm eating 4 times.
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    I do 2 meals lunch and dinner, a snack in the afternoon and a snack in the evening. And a cup of coffee in the morning.
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    Usually I drink bunch of coffee in the morning, I eat a small lunch and a big dinner.
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    It varies from day to day. I walk a lot and on days with long walks (4+ hours) it can be up to 7 times. A normal day with just an hour or 2 of walking is 4 times.
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    2 meals & the occasional after dinner snack.
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    Breakfast is huge (5-600 kCal), but if I don't have it I'm crabby. I don't really have "lunch" but snack throughout the day, every 2-3 hours (which accounts for roughly half my calories). Dinner is adjusted based on the day's intake, and then I usually have a small snack an hour before bed. So, three "meals" technically, but I can eat seven or eight times. It feels like I'm eating constantly, some days, but at least I'm not hungry...
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    Ideally, 3 meals but I find I usually need a mid-afternoon snack. I struggle because my fiance gets home at unpredictable times and a 8-hour break between lunch and dinner is nearly impossible.
  • RaeBeeBaby
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    Normally 4 meals and 1 snack. Shown below with examples:

    Breakfast (oatmeal with fruit & yogurt or cottage cheese/fruit)
    2nd Breakfast (boiled egg, fruit or veggies, string cheese)
    Lunchish (big salad with protein)
    Snack (rice crackers with PB or veggies & hummus)
    Dinner (protein/carb/veg or tacos)

    I'm not obsessive meal schedules or timing and I don't always have the 2nd breakfast (which is probably more like a snack anyway). I pretty much just eat when I'm hungry. Since we eat dinner quite late, I very rarely snack after dinnertime.
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    As many as it takes
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    I have three "meals" and three or four snacks. I have coffee immediately and eat breakfast at work. My breakfast is usually more (decaf) coffee and Greek yogurt with granola around 0930. Fruits or veggies is my typical mid-morning and mid-afternoon work snacks with the rare salty snack (usually 100-calorie bag of popcorn) replacing the second work snack. I eat lunch late (around 1300) and it's usually 200-400 calories - sometimes a frozen meal, other times leftovers from dinner. I run or hit the gym after work and come home hungry most days. My usual snack when I get home is pretzel sticks and hummus. Dinner can be just about anything from a salad to pizza, wings and breadsticks. :smiley: Then a snack of chocolate chips and mini marshmallows before bed. Usually this is about 200 calories, but some days (like last night) I need a little more. :blush: But, after a couple years in maintenance, all my days are flexible.
  • Gisel2015
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    Breakfast, lunch and dinner. If breakfast is less than 200 cals. I will have a little mid morning snack, usually V8 and turkey Jerky. But with about 6 hours between lunch and dinner, and working out in between, I need a snack with my mid afternoon coffee and a protein drink after the gym.

    I am done with dinner between 7:30 and 8PM (including desert) and I don't eat anything else until the next day breakfast.
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    Usually about 600cal at breakfast, 200-300cal at lunch and 400'ish for dinner with about 300cal in snacks, depending on what's left after lunch and dinner. I almost always try to get a small piece of cheese (90cal) in right before I go to bed as it really tides me over well for the night--trying to sleep with a rumbly tummy is a recipe for no sleep and a miserable next day.
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    Cutting, gaining, or maintaining, I eat the same number of meals every day (which is 2, unless you consider my morning 1/3-cup of almonds a meal). The only thing that changes is the size of those meals, and potential snack choices.

    I should add that I only count calories on weekdays; on weekends I eat whatever I want whether my goal is to lose weight or not.