That moment when the instructor asks you "Are you ok?"

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I love barre classes but every time I go an instructor comes over to check on me :D
Apparently I work out exactly like I sing karaoke.... in my head, i am perfect but other people are watching like wth is she doing?

My current fitness goal: keep going and get through one barre class without looking like i am dying B)

Does this happen to anyone else? I would love to hear your awkward fitness encounters!


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    My first exercise class we picked a kickboxing gym because my aunt and I wanted to try it, well we tried it on "bootcamp" day. I had to run and power puke half way through, but I puked and rallied and everyone cheered me at the end, I'm sure I was super embarrassed but I knew I found my people when nobody made me feel dumb but rather that I was awesome to keep going. So yeah, was my favorite gym. I went for several years and then sadly they switched to strictly boxing and I think t hey lost a lot of people and then they closed.
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    Concur with JoRocka. You should look like you are dying if you are really working hard. You might look like you are in pain, or you might look confused - not because you are but because your facial expression when you are trying not to die just comes out that way. We all look odd when we are doing something super hard. Keep it up, your goal to keep going is admirable!
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    I get bright red very easily with only mild exertion so instructors ask me if I am okay pretty regularly. I am kind of used to it by now (this was true even as a high school athletic kid). The most embarrassing this I have done was when I was younger, I was doing conditioning for field hockey as the first day back before the school year started with my new coach, and I got overwhelmed by the late summer heat and kind of passed out while throwing up on the coach's shoes. Yeah, good times :)
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    My quads burn so bad when I do leg extensions that I have to stop & it looks like I'm going into spasm the way I arch back to relieve the pain. Another trainer walking past even laughed cause it looked so dang awkward & painful.
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    My response would be "Why?"

    It could be something as simple as I look confused or I am doing something wrong or in pain.

    If someone is checking in....especially someone in charge... it is likely not criticism or judgement. It more likely is to make sure you are OK.
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    Hoshiko wrote: »
    In a kickboxing class, tired, hungover, not paying attention. We were doing uppercuts to warm up and I managed to punch myself in the face. I looked over and the instructor was trying really hard not to laugh.

    The worst part is that a week later I did it AGAIN.

    OMG, thanks for the laugh. I have done stuff like this just tinkering on things in the garage. I felt stupid & I was the only one to see it.
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    Basic uncoordination, no sense of direction or timing, and singing like a cat with its tail stuck in the door- I can't let them bother me or I would barely leave the house.

    That would describe a combination of me and my husband :p the first two for me and the last for him.

    My balance is not as it should be. I have trouble going downstairs without a handrail if the stairs are steep or the steps aren't that wide. It all started when I hurt my knee and started worrying that it would act up in the middle of going down a set of stairs.

    There's a long set of rock and concrete stairs going up the side of a hill at a park near me, with no railing. Two sets of the stairs are 20-30 steps each (interrupted by a winding trail going through) and then the next stretch is 230 steps with no break!! Even though I'm doing weightlifting and the elliptical and some hill running, I went up the first set of stairs but then had to crawl halfway through the second half of the second. Forget the last bunch. And I see people going up the darned thing like nothing. One woman saw me struggling, asked me if I was all right, and noted that I was not ready. I think I was strong enough to go up but was scared of tipping over sideways. If that had been a hill I would have had no problem going up.
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    This is my new favorite thread XD