Disabled How To Lose Weight?

Hi all,

I am disabled and unfortunately am unable to lose weight through exercise. I am a wheelchair user and have mobility issues and arm issues.

Therefore, my only hope is calorie counting.

I feel like I've hid a dead end. There's nothing I've seen on the internet about people with disabilities and losing weight.

Health professionals know for myself the norm doesn't fit yet don't offer any alternative to help.

I am hoping I can lose weight!

Hope everyone else is successful x


  • Sunna_W
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    I have nothing to add except to say that I am humbled by your strength. Take care.
  • Heather4448
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    Chair yoga would be an easy exercise for you. But, as others have said, all you need is a calorie deficit.
  • christinecameron901
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    I have Neuropathy in the legs,which makes it hard for me to walk far distances.So,I find tracking my calories,helps me keep in shape. :)
  • thewindandthework
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    Although burning calories through exercise is common and can be helpful, the others in this thread are right when they say that it's not at all necessary.

    Limit your caloric intake so that it's less than you burn just by living your life, and weight will come off! MFP is a great tool for that, so by being here you've taken a great first step in the process!
  • MazJenko
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    Hi, I'm disabled as well, using wheelchair and unable to "exercise" to aid weight loss. Have mobility issues and I also have other health issues, including an auto immune disease. Female and now approaching 50, I had struggled with my weight for many years, especially since losing my mobility.
    For me the one thing that has worked consistently is calorie counting. By finding out about MFP and calorie counting (accurately) I have finally been able to not only lose weight, but also maintain a much healthier weight. Balancing nutrition, drinking a lot more water and trying to have a better sleep pattern, have all helped. Also patience is very important. For me slow and steady has worked. I weigh my foods for accuracy, logging everything, is key. In total I have lost 35lb and at the moment I have been maintaining my current weight since Christmas. Would have liked to lose a further 4lb, but that may come in the future. For now I'm really happy I've come this far and delighted to be a steady weight (rather than regaining). Was border line Obese/Morbidly Obese; now borderline Healthy/Overweight. The final 4lb loss would put me at a healthy weight for my height and age.

    It seems we have things in common, and I hope this works for you as well. As suggested, set MFP to sedentry, entering your current height/ weight. It will give you a recommended calorie allowance, the best place to start.

    Thanks Hun, I'll do that! I have auto immune disease too and IBS.

    Am sure I'll do it it'll just take time x
  • MazJenko
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    Thank you all, your all so lovely so thank you
  • fat2fit302015
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    I have syringomyelia so struggle with exercise (non at the mo). Looking to lose 60 pounds through dieting. Lost 10lbs already and I'm wheelchair bound outside and sometimes inside too. Can definetly be done but will just be slower than the gym rats.
  • caramac49
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    Hello! I'm paralysed from waist down and have EDS so full time wheelchair user and share your pain! I exercise for several hours most days wheelchair tennis and swimming but still can't burn the calories so the only way I can lose weight is being really strict with calories. When I log my exercise, MFL tells me I've burnt off 1500+ calories but I know if I eat more than 1200 I'll gain not lose - it seems our margins between losing and gaining are really really tight. I'm thinking of experimenting with reducing carbs as I think that without using my largest muscle groups i may not need as many, however whatever I do I want to keep things as healthy as possible. I have found that significantly reducing sugar and refined carbohydrates has helped me feel much better and improved my digestion. I've lost 10 lb so far and want at least another 21lb gone - would you like to be MFL friends and support/motivate each other?
  • caramac49
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    I've also found that taking up crochet has helped to divert my mind from eating, and I like to think keeping my hands moving may just burn off the odd calorie too lol - and it is really satisfying to make things
  • Poisonedpawn78
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    I wouldn't know where to begin. Not having your largest muscle group surely puts a damper on weight loss let alone for other more obvious reasons. Its not very helpful, but I just wanted to wish you and the others in this thread in the same situation the best of luck and I hope you reach your goals!
  • mrsnightengale
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    I'm disabled myself (lupus, fiber, nerve damage). I'm not in a wheel chair but have mobility issues, so I can't manage a lot of physical activity. However I have found that calorie counting alone does work. It might be a little slower then what others accomplish but it's still progress, so don't get discouraged!
  • musicfan68
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    I'm disabled also - walk on crutches, so I'm not very active. All it takes is eating at a calorie deficit.
  • caramac49
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    I did, and you are right, an inspirational lady, she's done an awesome job of changing her health and her life, thanks for posting
  • aylajane
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    Look up DASA (disabled american sports association) and see if they have one near you? THey train at a gym I go to and are incredible (people doing supported pullups WITH their wheelchair etc! custom for each person/disability). Even if you cant afford to go, watch the videos for what they do for exercise from a wheelchair as inspiration and to get you thinking - there may be some exercise you can do that you didnt think about before. Diet will work, but ANY movement and muscle involvement will help.