Do you weigh yourself when you KNOW you've gained?



  • Charlene_1985
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    I travel a lot for work but I weigh and log every day that I am home. My weight fluctuates between 117-122. I've just realized that's what happens with me- I'm sure traveling makes that spread larger than what someone else may experience but it has allowed me to accept that's my "normal". Above 122 and I'll eat better for a few days, below 117 and I know to eat a bit more.
  • sardelsa
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    I weigh almost daily and track my weight on a trend app. I admit, sometimes after an indulgent/surplus weekend, no I don't bother since I know all that water and food weight will there. And if I do, depending on how inflated it is, I may not enter it into Libra.. I know what's the point of a trend app if I do that but I will just weigh the next day and add that more accurate data point instead.

    My most accurate data point is Friday before the weekend. I find Monday weigh ins to be too inflated because of the extra food (since I calorie cycle and my high days are Sat and Sun)
  • bigmuneymfp
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    Yes I weigh everyday no matter what
  • kenyonhaff
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    I don't weigh daily, usually weekly. I do weigh, and usually it's a good check in to realize I may have gained a little, but it isn't 10 pounds or something.
  • CSARdiver
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    Every day - first thing in the morning after voiding. I'm going to challenge the notion that you can feel if you're heavier or not. Your body is ~55-65% water to begin with and you don't see any noticeable change is weight that quickly on a metric that matters, so what people get concerned about is water weight fluctuations, which is nothing to be concerned about.
  • LivingtheLeanDream
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    I weigh most days regardless - for example this morning I knew I'd be up possibly 1lb as I ate out yesterday...and yep that was the case, but by Wed I'll be back to normal... weight fluctuates for a host of reasons but when you know the hows and the whys its just 'noise' :smiley:
  • inertiastrength
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    Also a daily weigher but more because it's interesting to see how a high day full of carbs can affect my weight even though overall I'm still in a weekly deficit. I regularly eat about 1600 but on occasion I will have 2500 cals... and once I hit protein and fat it's ALL from carbs so my glycogen jumps big time. I can see a 3-4lb gain on the scale the next day and actually have still lost .5lbs of fat according to thermodynamics so it's really just a curiosity for me.
  • heavensshadow
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    I weigh regularly, regardless of "dropping the ball", to keep myself in check with reality. I do not, however, always log the weight in MFP. Even if I slip and it takes much longer to lose a pound, seeing the downward trend in MFP from where I started helps keep me from giving up. *shrug*
  • DasItMan91
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    I weigh every Friday and something Saturday too, if I weighed myself everyday I go crazy. And yes I do weigh myself when I feel like I've gained.
  • LauraInTheWater
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    I weigh in every day too. I find it helpful to let me know how my mistakes and successes affect me on a daily and weekly basis. I enjoy it even when I gain a little bit of weight because then I know what I did wrong so I won't do it in the future.
  • Lizakabibbis
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    I was weighing every single day to the point where I was obsessed. Now I weigh once a month. It's actually refreshing to not be a slave to the scale.
  • Penthesilea514
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    Daily so that Happy Scale makes pretty charts and graphs :) And to increase understanding of how much my body weight actually does fluctuate.
  • The_Enginerd
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    Another daily weigher here. I like having the data and seeing the trends.

  • MsHarryWinston
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    Meh. I'm solidly in a deficit so I have no need to weigh myself every day. I keep really tight tracking with a decent sized deficit. I already know that I retain a lot of water really easily and a huge amount around that TOM. I feel no need to track that because it will just annoy me. So I weigh at least once a week but with no real pattern about it and only update my drops.
  • SiegfriedXXL
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    I weigh every day and enter that into a weight tracker. I enter my Wednesday weight into MFP as it's allowed whatever excess salt from the weekend I consumed to leave the system.
  • Momepro
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    I weigh every couple days. I RECORD it when I lose
  • evilpoptart63
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    Nope. I'm ashamed!
  • goldthistime
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    Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. Today I went out with friends and ate a little too much. Tomorrow I will probably weigh myself. If however, I have eaten more calories than normal because I'm stressed or upset, I often don't weigh in the next day. I know my weight will be up, why do something that might dampen my spirits when I'm looking to get back to normal mental health wise?

    Sidesteel had a good thread about this. His answer was "it depends". I can't honestly remember if his reasoning was not to weigh in if it's going to upset you or if I decided that on my own. I'll see if I can find the thread.
  • goldthistime
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    Found this:
    SideSteel Member
    August 19, 2015 11:16PM
    It depends.

    If you don't have any issues (mentally) with weighing then you could weigh in daily and take an average of those daily weights across the week. Then compare week to week averages to get an idea of which direction your weight is trending.

    Averaging those daily values will smooth out the day to day fluctuations that occur naturally.

    That being said, if you get a bit stressed out seeing those day to day fluctuations then that's a good reason to weigh in less frequently, in which case you'd want to strike a balance between getting enough data points (weigh in values) and not exposing yourself to that stress too often.

    An alternative could be to select 2 or 3 days per week that you weigh in, but keep those steady from week to week and weigh under identical circumstances.