Looking for friends who want to lose 60-80 pounds

I am starting over on my journey. I used MFP to lose almost 40 pounds before and stopped using MFP and gained that back and then some. I am starting over for the last time. My current weight and health is causing me stress and depression.

I am looking for friends who are want to motivate each other on this lifestyle change. I do not plan to stop using Myfitnesspal when I have reached my goal. I plan to incorporate it into my daily life. Like I said this will be a lifestyle change.

- I plan to lose 60-80 pounds.
- I work full time as a high school teacher - so I spend a great deal of time planning and grading.
- I have 3 daughters (17, 16, and 13) who are VERY active.

I am looking for people to an relate to the weight loss struggle, who are committing to logging in daily. I will provide support to you and hope to get support back.

Thanks :)


  • xleporedx44
    xleporedx44 Posts: 25 Member
    Add me I need to lose 60 lbs at least!
  • Pringle76
    Pringle76 Posts: 6 Member
    Sounds all to familiar, feel free to add me.
  • RosiesFitnessJourney
    RosiesFitnessJourney Posts: 11 Member
    I need to lose a bit more than that, but feel free to add me. I log every day :smile:
  • stu7397
    stu7397 Posts: 6 Member
    Sure thing, you can add me. Just started.
  • tabloop
    tabloop Posts: 51 Member
    I lost 80 lbs two years ago and then gained 30 back last year. I would like to lose 65 lbs total as I never reached my goal weight. Add me too.
  • hoffman2300
    hoffman2300 Posts: 104 Member
    I just started and I'm looking to be accountable to stay on track. Happy to join you on this journey!
  • dawntoot983
    dawntoot983 Posts: 1 Member
    I am also a teacher so I can relate to the just schedule
    No time like summer break to lock this off!!! I need to lose 80 lbs. I usually do very well in the beginning and will take off about 40 lbs. Then I go right back to old habits. Not this time! I'll help you if you help me!
  • lemonadrienne77
    lemonadrienne77 Posts: 4 Member
    Please add me. Middle school teacher here! Like you, I realize that this will have to be part of my daily habits for life. When I'm looking at the data it's easy to see why I'm maintaining a weight about 90 over my ideal! When I'm successful getting back down, and I stop tracking, it's too easy for me to lose track of what I'm doing...which is usually eating for two!
  • MartiB856
    MartiB856 Posts: 85 Member
    I am a retired grandmother and this is definitely a lifestyle change for me. I have lost 20 pounds since starting back on MFP and I only have about 52ish to lose now. Please add me.
  • lindsey0723
    lindsey0723 Posts: 1 Member
    I lost 30 lbs last year and gained it all back over this past year. I need to lose 80 lbs- I am also a teacher! Add me ;)
  • cjtl27
    cjtl27 Posts: 7 Member
    I trying to lose 40lbs to start but hopefully lose more. Im on the Ketogenic diet and I just started last Wednesday. After my pregnancy
  • shannowak
    shannowak Posts: 3 Member
    Count me in! I am a 4th grade teacher and just had my 3rd boy in October. I gained 70 with him and have lost 30 lbs of it, but my goal is to get off 50-60. I am having a hard time maintaining my healthy eating habits and exercise schedule.

  • lovelex3
    lovelex3 Posts: 4 Member
    I need to lost at least 60lbs as well. I'd like to lose more, but realistic goals here.
  • Anonymous3791
    Anonymous3791 Posts: 6 Member
    I would like to be your friend but I can't figure out how to send a friend request. No joke. If you send me one though id be very happy to accept it.
  • tjsten368
    tjsten368 Posts: 4 Member
    I would like to lose at least 65 pounds so I am with you!
  • Opalprincess99
    Opalprincess99 Posts: 87 Member
    I promise to post daily and post pictures as well. :) Anyone is free to add me. I have a gym membership and I intend on using it to lose 85 lbs by April of 2018. o:)
  • brose0075
    brose0075 Posts: 11 Member
    Add me! I'm a high school teacher, as well. I'm starting over as of today! Im at the point where I would love to get pregnant and I don't feel like my body is healthy enough to comfortably endure a pregnancy.
  • crushingitdaily12345
    crushingitdaily12345 Posts: 577 Member
    Anyone can definitely add me! I have been on MFP for 98 days, and have lost 51 lbs. I have 76 remaining, and I have a feeling these ones are going to be a lot harder to remove than the first 51... I wish all of you luck, and success! WE CAN (AND WILL) DO THIS!
  • epixa28
    epixa28 Posts: 115 Member
    I started on MFP years ago and lost 20lbs but never reached my goal weight, which is about 60 lbs away. Add me as well, and we can cheer each other on :)
  • Molly3165
    Molly3165 Posts: 2 Member
    I'd like to join. I am new to MFP and am counting macros. I need to lose 60lbs and could use encouragement and suggestions when I feel like jumping ship :)