What's your sugar substitute?

glhill35 Posts: 1 Member
I'd refer over to keto recipes for those items. I've seen those recipes but just starting & haven't tried those yet


  • nissarayna
    nissarayna Posts: 70 Member
    Stevia in the raw, except in my coffee where there is no substitute for granulated sugar.
  • lemurcat12
    lemurcat12 Posts: 30,886 Member
    Usually none, I just don't use it or use real sugar if it's important to the recipe. I have been experimenting a bit with Swerve and it works for me (did a low carb rhubarb crisp with it, and may try it in some ice cream, although I made a completely non sweetened (but for the fruit) strawberry ice cream that's pretty good).
  • LonniJay
    LonniJay Posts: 3,740 Member
    Stevia for me too except I love it in coffee and everything else.
  • anaxmann
    anaxmann Posts: 103 Member
    All of them. I use Sweet N Low (aspartame) in my beverages because to me it has only sweetness and no additional flavors that mess with the flavor of the drink, although I like to use flavored sugar free syrups (which use sucralose) in my coffee (and they work nicely to sweeten ice cream recipes). In my cooking and baking I use a combination of stevia drops and erythritol because they kind of cancel each other out in terms of weird after taste (the licorice flavor of stevia counteracts the coolness of erythritol and vice versa). The only one I don't use often is Equal.
  • KWeb125
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    They are all gross to me except stevia. Honestly though, I just use sugar & limit it.
  • TonyB0588
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    None. I no longer use sugar.
  • aeshippers
    aeshippers Posts: 416 Member
    I use real sugar or honey unless I am working with a recipe where I can use fruit as an alternative (i.e. I always sweeten my porridge by adding fresh fruit). If I am craving something sweet I make a couple of desserts using bananas and have also experimented with date puree.
  • DKG28
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    i use a product called Sucra-Drops. It's concentrated liquid sucralose. The stuff in splenda, without the filler. All the powdered versions of artificial sweetener have a weird taste to me, but this stuff doesn't.
  • Gisel2015
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    I use Splenda in my coffee and sometimes on top of plain Greek yogurt. When I make apple sauce I just add Vanilla extract and nothing else. I don't bake ;)
  • jgnatca
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    All of them. I like aspartame in my pop, I have a half and half Splenda brown sugar blend, Stevia drops flavoured with vanilla, something picked up from the discount outlet that is a mixture of dextrose, maltodexrin and saccharine, steviol, and MiO flavoured with sucralose.

    And sometimes only sugar will do. A teaspoon added to my breadmaker bread made all the difference.
  • wooblu
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    I bake a banana then sprinkle cinnamon. Feels so unhealthy but it isn't!
  • Chadxx
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  • Chef_Barbell
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    Usually Splenda. Baking is usually real sugar but I plan on experimenting with sugar free baking for my Dad who is diabetic.