Fellow lifting ladies - where do you carry your phone/music player when you're at the gym?



  • WendyLeigh1119
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    I use one of those arm bands so that I can be readily available if my son calls and simultaneously listen to music. Sometimes it gets in the way, but not enough to be an issue. And my S8 is bulky as it is. Or I just type my gigantic Adidas Bag from area to area within Bluetooth range of my earphones and fitbit.
  • heartnp2014
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    I wear my arm band and wireless blue tooth headphones. They never get in the way and I can jam to my music while lifting. Can't lift without music :)
  • amyinthetardis1231
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    I set it down next to me and use wireless headphones so there's no cord to contend with. I use an app to track my workout so I need it handy.
  • distinctlybeautiful
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    I wear basketball shorts with pockets or tuck it into my waistband (on the side) if I'm wearing leggings or shorts without pockets.
  • Evamutt
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    they have small clip on your waistband dog treat containers that are just right for that
  • MsHarryWinston
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    I just got some Under Armour pants that have a pocket in them, though I still have to see if my phone fits and if my headphone cord is long enough.
    Up until now though I have been placing my phone between my regular bra and my sports bra right at the front.
  • serenityfrye
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    I just tucked mine into the waistband of my shorts or leggings and threaded the earbuds up under my shirt so they didn't get caught on anything. I listen to music while lifting and don't have Blu tooth so that's what worked best for me.
  • Psychgrrl
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    I have an insulated water bottle holder with a strap and a front pocket. I wear wireless earbuds and keep my phone in there when lifting. I have a iPhone 6+--it's a big pocket with a smaller one in front for my lip balm.
  • alysonleah
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    Bluetooth headphones changed my life.
  • susanmc31
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    I have an Otterbox defender for my phone and it came with the clip that attaches to your pants. I use that for running and weight lifting. I like the idea of Bluetooth headphones though, sometimes my wire gets snagged and it pulls my earbuds out.
  • happysherri
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    I have a armband and I also have a sports style fanny pack. Both work wonderfully. I don't know why but I prefer the arm band. Maybe it's because I feel like the fanny pack make my stomach look bigger under my tank tops (it's a shallow thing I guess). :) Arm bands are sold everywhere, just make sure your phone fits comfortably in it. I had a hard time finding this last one after my other one of 2 years finally broke. Simply because I have a protective case on my phone (as I'm sure a lot of people have), and I don't want to take that off, so I have to find an armband big enough to fit that (for a reasonable price, cause I'm cheap lol)

  • KickboxFanatic
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    I use the bluetooth headphones and my phone case has a magnet it in so I just put my phone on a metal rail of whatever equipment I'm using.
  • SingRunTing
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    My pants have a zipper pocket on the back right above the tailbone.

    Else I'll put it down next to me or shove it in my bra. But I also work out at home, so the only person watching me pull my phone out of my bra is my husband.
  • Muscle_for_Fitness
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    Not a woman but you may want to look into bluetooth headphones. I got a pair that only costs $30 and now don't have to carry a phone around for music. Just leave it in my bag as long as it isn't over 50ft away.
  • OnthatStuff
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    My wife carries hers her phone around the gym in-hand and puts it down between sets. I've always wondered if that's the best for security. I think the world needs to bring fanny packs back to the mainstream.
  • inertiastrength
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    another vote for bluetooth. I just leave my phone on the floor on the outside of the squat rack and use it to count reps/sets and for music. Works just fine for me
  • DietVanillaCoke
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    I can't listen to music when there's other people around me. >.< Not sure why but i just feel really awkward... But if I'm jogging or lifting at home, I tend to wear my phone in my bra while i listen to music.
  • amandaeve
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    I have leggings and shorts that hold my phone at my side so it doesn't get in the way of sitting or lying (Athletica). And use bluetooth headphones.
  • JoRocka
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    My wife carries hers her phone around the gym in-hand and puts it down between sets. I've always wondered if that's the best for security. I think the world needs to bring fanny packs back to the mainstream.

    eh- I set my bag down in one room- wallet- phone and ipod in it sometimes and walk out to do one exercise in the other room. If it's in the same room as me I walk away from it constantly.

    As long as it's zipped- generally speaking it will keep honest thieves at bay.

    But I am #teamdntgiveafuck LOL