Military Drill Sergeant Style Motivation

I'm looking for some no BS, no excuses, tough-love style motivation. Someone who will yell, "put down the cookie, fatty!" Or, "Have you exercised? No, well then get on it. Now!..." Anyone else?


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    Have you exercised today!?


    I'm actually not at all like that...there are some boot-camp style programs in my area that I know are awesome, but I think they would make me cry or vomit tbh...

    I'm more of a supportive, if you post on your wall that you want to fix your mountain bike I'll probably ask you every Monday if you fixed it yet until you ask me to
  • 88olds
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    This is where I think discipline comes from- belief in your program. Incrementalism works. It works in exercise and fitness. It works in weight loss.

    But few people want to put in the time. Sustainable weight loss usually takes 1 or 2 weeks for every pound we want to lose. Yeah, sure, everybody wants to be the exception. Calculate a calorie deficit and find some exercise you can tolerate. If you've done it right, it will work. It's the laws of physics. Adjust as needed.

    Post again when you want to quit. I'll yell at you then. Or any time you want to start a post with "I only lost...."
  • slavetothehoof
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    I could do with people nagging or shouting at me
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    I'm good with being supportive for others in that way, as long as they were willing to do the same for me!
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    Im watching some old seasons of the biggest loser right now and it makes me laugh because I literally would be so sassy if they started screaming at me like that. I couldnt handle it. But different things work for different people, Im happy to be your friend on MFP and support you!