50-60lps to lose

Hi! Im 32 I have to lose like 50 lps! Ive tried to do a thirty day challenge to get started...again. Im looking for extra support !


  • destinymcgregor
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    I'm in the same boat! Rooting for you!
  • Mefitternow1
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    I'm in the same boat! Rooting for you!
    Thank you! I hope you reach your goals too! We have this in control!
  • BeckyBee223
    BeckyBee223 Posts: 19 Member
    Add me if you like, I need to lose the same and I'm looking for buddies x
  • I've lost 13 so far, and still need atleast 25 to go! You can add me if you want!
  • Stacius
    Stacius Posts: 18 Member
    I've got 66lbs to lose, feel free to add me and we can support each other :)
  • fat2fit302015
    fat2fit302015 Posts: 22 Member
    Same here. I lost it all once. Put back on due to disability and depression . Feeling better and motivated now. Let's do it!!
  • poojagupta882
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    Please count me in. I too want to loose excess weight