4months -30pounds (before & Now picture)

opaenka Posts: 5 Member
Started this journey on February at 208.6 but my heaviest was almos 230 the past two years. The 1 picture a remember I took it in a fitting room( without my shirt , just the jacket realizing how big I was and crushed because I didn't fit in my size 14 favorite jeans ( i really stretch them to a size 16 clearllllyyy they didn't fit :s ) . So I made the decision to 'manage my calories and say my goodbye's to fry food , sugar and breadddd( my love for bread is unreal). Day by day I started to loose weight-first month 10pounds, if I had manage to loose 30 I'm pretty sure everybody can make it. I was under the impression I was loosing weight slowly, but in reality everybody is different . Somedays I do fasting and stay under my 1200 cal diet"". I stay active & manage to get my self saying no to bread and other temptations . I'm 5'6 - Goal is -150-155. Keep going B)


  • J_NY_Z
    J_NY_Z Posts: 2,534 Member
    Spectacular. Be proud of your hard work!
  • pawan245lbs
    pawan245lbs Posts: 32 Member
  • Lorna3721
    Lorna3721 Posts: 3 Member
    Well done to you, you have done well.
    I have a serious issue with bread. I am a delusional fool, I seem to think that if no one sees me eat it then it doesn't count. I have been trying to lose the same stone for two years now. And keep saying "I don't know why I'm not losing" but I do deep down.
    But your words and photos are an inspiration. And if you can control the bread cravings then so can I.
  • MyLovesMyLife
    MyLovesMyLife Posts: 424 Member
    Great job! I cut out most carbs bc I have problem with them too, especially tortillas! :)
  • annebuta
    annebuta Posts: 27 Member
    You look great! Strong work! I'm the same height and starting weight as you (well plus a couple pounds). You have motivated me!!!!
  • tealtortoise
    tealtortoise Posts: 53 Member
    Congrats on your success! I, too, find it motivating!
  • just8apple
    just8apple Posts: 400 Member
    wow good job❗️
  • xandra47
    xandra47 Posts: 121 Member
    Great job! I can't wait til the day I can get back into my favorite jeans without having this muffin top!
  • summerhime
    summerhime Posts: 24 Member
  • cecekins
    cecekins Posts: 20 Member
    Congratulations, you look fantastic!! :smile:
  • bigaussieguy71
    bigaussieguy71 Posts: 189 Member
    AWWWW - SUM!
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