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Hello...i started a week ago and my goal is to lose a pound a week but I didn't lose at all...


  • raquelalexisgutierrez
    Hello, I just started as well. My goal is the same. So far I've lost 1 steps I guess.
  • rsclause
    rsclause Posts: 3,103 Member
    To me this is simple math. If you are logging your calories correctly and maintain a deficit, you must lose weight. Deficit should be within the one to two pound range so maybe you should try to go for a two pound a week mark. I also found that if I looked up a food in the database and found more than one entry I would take the higher calorie one. You may also want to give your body more time to adjust too.
  • Ready2Rock206
    Ready2Rock206 Posts: 9,488 Member
    Patience grasshopper. One week isn't enough time to get discouraged yet. Work on your logging accuracy. You'll see that weight drop soon.
  • Tazzie0208
    Tazzie0208 Posts: 66 Member
    HI and welcome! be patient, shedding pounds can be difficult at times.. depending on you caloric intake and exercise. Just concentrate in eating well..not much processed foods.. and if you don't exercise routinely, start with something easy as walk the block... there's plenty of choices. :) Best of lucks!!
  • runner10162017
    runner10162017 Posts: 2 Member
    Thanks everyone!!