Accountability partnerships

Hi there, I'm wondering if there is another person who'd be interested in an accountability partnership. In my mind this would mean sending eachother encouraging reminders to work out, having someone send a text or pm when you haven't logged, and someone who'll help you with the emotional side of eating and food.

I know I can make this work, and I know I'll be the most successful if I can share this with someone else.

If you're interested please message / add me.


  • PrincessMegan13
    PrincessMegan13 Posts: 43 Member
    This is probably one of my most challenging parts of this whole weight loss/wellness thing! I often feel like I'm doing this alone, and I know that if I had someone there that could help support me, and kind of call me out on things, I would be more successful. I don't want to be shamed, but I make a lot of excuses for myself, and there is no one there saying, "Hey, I saw what you did there, and that's not cool. Let's try harder next time."
  • Hatchet5150
    Hatchet5150 Posts: 5 Member
    Mlboynton6- I would love to work with you! Please message me if you want to be partners
  • shannowak
    shannowak Posts: 3 Member
    I'd love to be part of this. I need other people to hold me accountable.