I'm trying Intermittent fasting .....

I've been told about this diet called Intermittent fasting.... if you don't know what it is.... it's basically where you can eat your daily calorie intake within a space of 8 hours and the other 16 hours of the day it allows your body to go into a fast mode to use up the calories that you've eaten during the 8 hour period. I did start this last week and I have only seen the odd pound or so loss ...
Before I started dieting at I started at 11st 5 and I am currently 10st6... but I have found that for the past few days I've not been loosing any weight at all and it's starting to get me down . I do keep drinking plenty of water and I cycle 5 miles a day to work and back so I am very active.
Has anyone got any help or advise they could give me ? Thanks in advance


  • DresdenSinn
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    I've been using IF successfully every Spring/Summer for the last 3/4 years during my cut, I've lost 33lbs to date since the beginning of March. It's a great technique to incorporate into you arsenal, I do this in conjunction with a low carb diet that transitions into full Keto. It takes a lot of willpower, discipline, and dedication but it is effective if done properly.
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    I started out trying to do 5:2 (eat 500 calories on 2 days a week, have more calories than you normally would on the other 5 days - weekly calorie allowance staying the same), but I discovered that it wasn't making as much of a difference to my freedom on my feast days as I hoped, so I changed it up to 4:3. I eat a small breakfast only on Monday, Weds, Fridays (fasting days) and I have a lot more freedom on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays as a result, I get to eat the extra that I saved from the day before. Sunday is just a normal day.

    It is nothing new for me to skip a meal or two in order to save up more calories for a bigger meal, I was already doing it most weekends, so this is just the same thing, in a more structured pattern.

    There is nothing special about shifting around your calories in fun ways, you still have to (importantly!) count your calories on all the days and you still need to achieve a calorie deficit each week.

    I don't believe the stuff about magic happening during the fasting periods, that sounds like woo to me. I also don't think it is necessary to only drink water. My calorie allowance on my fasting days allows for 3 cups of coffee with milk, no sugar during the day, and that it not doing me any damage.

    There is no right and wrong way in my opinion. It works for me because I don't care about eating between meals and when I eat I want to feel like I have had a satisfying portion.

    If you are one of those people who like to graze and have several small meals a day (which I personally hate), then Intermittent Fasting would be your worst nightmare.
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    You've lost a pound in a week at 146 pounds. There's nothing wrong with this except having a little more patience.

    And IF is just a way of eating. If it helps keep you in a deficit, it will work.
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    1 be patient
    2 16:8 (the version of IF that you are following) isn't a diet. It's a schedule. A person can bulk, maintain or lose weight while following 16:8. While I think it's awesome and have been following it several years, understand it's not inherently a weight loss plan.

    5:2 and ADF are geared towards weight loss