Icy-cold no- low-cal drinks

kavahni Posts: 313 Member
I'm jonesing for icy-cold drinks of the slushy variety. Rules for this question:
1) No artificial sweeteners.
2) No artificial sweeteners.
3) In case you didn't catch it...no artificial sweeteners!
I am not opposed to a small amount of real, Old-fashioned sugar, or a splash of fruit juice of some sort. I like to make things with Tru Lemon packets. I also like fizzy drinks like Lacroix.
I just can't get past those two things and the idea of blending up something I have frozen in ice cube trays.
And, in case you missed it: please, no artificial sweeteners! Thank you.


  • Jthanmyfitnesspal
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    Sounds like you might like to use frozen berries. Costco has good ones. Welches as well. Berries, milk (or soy or yogurt), a banana, protein powder (opt), hoo boy!
  • kavahni
    kavahni Posts: 313 Member
    That would be a great way to start the day, but it is not really no-cal/low cal. Just want a drink, not a meal, but thanks!
  • SarahLascelles1
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    Cold brewed ice tea
  • lilolilo920
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    Forgive me but, out of curiosity I have to ask-what's "wrong" with artificial sweeteners?
  • MamaOfTwo2017
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    Seltzer water or sparkling water infused with cucumbers or orange slices/frozen berries. Any fruit or vegetable will work. For even fewer calories you could use mint leaves or other edible plant leaves. You can freeze all of these inside your ice cubes too if you prefer.
  • mybigfat
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    You can freeze fruit in ice cudes to add a tiny bit of mint to your wster or a cinnamon stick
  • Jthanmyfitnesspal
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    kavahni wrote: »
    That would be a great way to start the day, but it is not really no-cal/low cal. Just want a drink, not a meal, but thanks!

    Yeah, got carried away.

    You can make tea and ice it with fruit chunks (fresh pinapple is great). Strain over ice. Really good!
  • GoldenEye_
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    I'm with @MamaOfTwo2017 That's really delicious! Lipton also has ice tea bags. They don't have all the additives iced tea from cans have and come in normal tea bags. This is one of their serving suggestions:
  • sak20011
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    I like to freeze strong coffee in cubes, then blend with a bit of half n half or splash of full fat coconut milk and small amount of sweetener (splenda, agave, whatever). Kind of like a frappuccino but far fewer calories and cheaper .

    I also do sparkling water with a splash of cranberry and fresh lime.
  • MotherOfSharpei
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    You could freeze berries and water in ice cube trays and blend them with your fizzy water for a fruit infused slushie. Or frozen chunks of watermelon.
  • Chef_Barbell
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    I like to blend crushed ice with a little lime juice and agave syrup, add a shot of tequila. :drinker:
  • kavahni
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    Thank you for the great ideas! Totally forgot about a few of them.
    Btw kommododevaran: I am already a mega water drinker. My fave drink of all time. I have a glass of it with ice on hand all day, every day. I grew up on amazing well water that started me drinking water early on. Just need something watery that's a bit different to mix it up a bit on days I up my intake due to the heat.
  • annacole94
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    I throw things in my water. Cucumber. Watermelon. Berries. Mint. Flavoured water is fun.

    I also brew water kefir, which is low sugar/calorie by the time the scoby eats all the sugar and carbonates it for me. It's fizzy and probiotic and I kind of love it. Rhubarb is my current flavour. :) Look into it if you want a new hobby and a new cold drink.
  • Lizzy622
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    Herbs like rosemary or basil also add a nice flavor to your water. You could also look into non-alcoholic Bloody Mary recipes. People concentrate on the fruit and berries and forget veggies can make great drinks too.