How much weight should I expect I lose?

Hey all,

I just wanted your thoughts. Currently I am hoping to lose about 2 lbs a week.
I weigh a bit shy of 195 lbs.
Goal weight by the end of the year would be late 140s. Is this doable?
I want to front load my weight loss because in September I start grad school. So not sure how that transition will be. Also at uni I tend to not watch who I eat. Any suggestions? What should I do?
Currently I do an hour of aerobics, weight training or cardio most days 5+ days a week. I am trying to eat 1200 calories but I think I am a bit off so probably eat a bit more than that because I don't own a food scale yet.


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    I think 2# a week is too aggressive, especially if you want to learn healthy habits so you won't gain it all back. Throw out the deadline. Create a plan that is sustainable.

    Since you are exercising so much, make sure you are eating back half of those calories.