Does anyone else find that having money ends up making you gain weight



  • AmyOutOfControl
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    Being poor means you can only afford crap food. Statistically, poverty is equated to an increased incidence of obesity in the US.
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    I was at my heaviest when I was flat broke. Not that I'm exactly made of money now, but back then I worked long hours for little pay. The long hours meant more frequent stops at the drive thru and less time to exercise.
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    Rice-a-Toni and hamburger and box Mac and cheese was what I could afford for a long time, I ate it regularly and was overweight. With a little more to work with, I buy quality meats and seafood and tons of fresh veggies. So, it's the opposite for me.
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    Having more money now...I do spend more on food, but it's good food...protein and my supplements. Beyond that...I don't like "eating" my money. I'd rather buy something fun for myself or for my house....go to a movie or something.

    Also agree that just because you have money doesn't mean it needs to be spent immediately.

    There isn't anything you'd rather buy than junk and candy???
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    In a way it could be true that having money could cause you to gain weight since you could purchase ANY food with gay abandon.

    I have discovered the opposite though that in order to eat a healthy, well balanced diet, it can cost MORE since processed foods are generally cheaper and higher in fat, salt and sugar, the ingredients we should be trying to avoid since they do not offer the best nutrition.

    It was lack of willpower and mindlessness when it comes/came to food that caused my weight gain. Now I am mindful of what I eat and have decided that I never want to be that person with a BMI of 34+ and the girth of the Michelin man.
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    I do eat out more when I have extra money but I also spend more money on higher quality groceries at home, workout classes, and activities.
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    I would never be tempted to buy candy with my money. I would buy clothing that fit my hot body from losing weight! But I guess that's your sounds like you have a money managing problem. I suggest looking into David Ramsey's Financil Peace and get that worked out before you have that money .
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    Money management and weight management are very similar problems.

    Money management: have a budget; spend less than you earn
    Weight management: have a calorie allowance; eat less than you burn

    Both require planning and self control. But at the end of the day, they are both simple equations.

    If you're leaving for university and entering the adult world for the first time you are really going to need to learn how to responsibly manage your finances.
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    Statistics show that obesity occurs at a much higher level in the less affluent areas (in generally affluent places like the US, UK and Australia that is).
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    Victoria Beckham once said "if I ever feel like chocolate, I buy a new pair of shoes"

    Spend your money on something else.

    FYI most people put on weight when they start university.
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    ninerbuff wrote: »
    Well if you look at society, poorer people have higher obesity issues than those who are well above the poverty line.

    A.C.E. Certified Personal and Group Fitness Trainer
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    Kickboxing Certified Instructor
    Been in fitness for 30 years and have studied kinesiology and nutrition



    Developed countries are the fattest countries.

    Some exception are the South Pacific, who were taught the "Western ways of eating".

    The list of the least obese countries comprised of third world countries.

    13 JUNE 2017

    Generally speaking, when a person says "look at society," he or she means the society in which he or she is living. Here in America, the most obese populations are in the poorest areas. I live in Southern Appalachia, where we have a) poverty b)obesity and c) one of the highest rated of diabetes in the US.

    No, ovesity is not a problem in Haiti or Mozambique, there the problems are malnutrition and diseases that we prevent with good hygiene and vaccines. However, they aren't on an internet chat board asking if having money makes you fat. The answer to that in America and most developed nation's is "no, because generally more money comes from better education, including education about health and nutrition." Stop trying to pick a fight, please. Context counts.
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    It's not the money in the hand which causes weight gain, but rather the brain which directs the hand to put the money down, and the consequent exchange of calories for money that then occurs, which causes weight gain.
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    From my experience having more money means we are able to travel more and eat out more which probably can lead to weight gain. I just have to work on moderation and I have learned not every night out is a free for all else it will catch up to me.
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    Just be mindful how you celebrate or reward yourself. Food is often abused as both. It takes awareness to make better choices. Instead of ice cream get quality coffee. Go on outings not restaurants so much or pack a picnic.
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    pmoloney1 wrote: »
    I would never be tempted to buy candy with my money. I would buy clothing that fit my hot body from losing weight! But I guess that's your sounds like you have a money managing problem. I suggest looking into David Ramsey's Financil Peace and get that worked out before you have that money .
    Great suggestion. I do know FPU does work in helping a lot of people with their finances.

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    Yes. Think of people who win the lottery and often end up losing it to their vices(gambling, alcohol, drugs, sex). I'm guessing you are using food (the fatty, sugary, salty stuff) as entertainment, comfort and to 'treat' yourself. Trust me I understand because thats what those foods do for me.

    Make a budget for yourself so you understand were that money needs to go and what ever is left over save it for something you really want, to donate or invest. If you can learn how to do this now you will be in such better financial shape then most adults.

    Then you will need to be honest about what those foods are doing for you and look for alternative ways to satisfy those needs. Also keep tracking even if you are not 'dieting' because thats powerful information you can use when you want to change habits.
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    You need a budget.
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    I understand you op. having money widely available your tempted to make poor decisions. it happens like a few days ago I had 4 burgers from mcdonalds and some poutines. but for me that was a treat because I live an hour away. so that stops me from eating there more often. but I agree with other posters. maybe instead of swear jar have a junk food jar
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    My pockets are kinda fat!!!
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    I was at my slimmest when i was broke because i just couldn't afford to go grocery shopping whenever the whim hit.

    This doesn't explain why there seems to be so many more overweight/obese people in the poorer suburbs where i live.... I haven't read all the responses yet, so maybe someone has come up with a theory of why this is??